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10 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups (Android and iOS)


10 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups (Android and iOS)

Monday July 08, 2019,

6 min Read

10 Mobile App Development Tips for Startups (Android and iOS)

Smart phones, when launched, brought about a revolutionary wave of digital media to the world, but, the question is: What has made these devices so convenient?

With about 90% of all smart phone users spending more than 35 hours a month on mobile apps, it could be easily concluded that one of the major reasons behind the success of smart phones are these mobile apps. As these mobile apps developed, it became a trend to start small to medium-sized mobile-app development businesses. Moreover, who knew developing mobile applications could be profitable?

So, if you’re looking for some important tips to startup mobile app development for iOS and Android, you’re at the right place! These 10 mobile app development tips for startups will give you enough knowledge to get started.

Target Audience

Getting acquainted with your target audience for your app is a crucial part for your mobile app to become a hit. For this purpose, you need to know if your app is suitable for employees, students, children or a certain age group. This skill would help you to attract more users for your mobile app. The better strategy is to explore the target audience for an existing or similar app as you intend to develop. Moreover, you could also research about the main features i.e. gender, age, profession, main interests etc., core values and the needs i.e. product quality for your application beforehand getting started with your application development process.

Language and Framework

Attracting your audience or motivating them to use your application requires in-depth knowledge about the employed language and framework for your mobile application.

For language, you preferably should go for a catchy yet easier to understand and a straightforward coding approach. This trick is useful for almost all apps, however, a little dig in about your target audience would do no harm.

Likewise, for framework, it is recommended that you do not try using pure native or hybrid frameworks that would eventually be useless in the future, but, go for Native Script, Flutter and React Native developers to make sure the application gets all the state-of-the-art features and functionalities.

Competition in Market

With over 1.5 million apps in the android and iOS play store, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find similar apps in the market. However, you could still make your app stand out among the rest by using the following methods:

·       Go through all of your competitors and note down all the bad reviews their users have pointed out. Try to eradicate these issues for your application.

·       To make your application stand out, it’s important to identify the right keywords. SEO and product quality should be the top priority for developers.

·       Keeping the privacy of your user should be a top most priority. For example, in a dating app, the users need not to be worried about third-party encryption.


 A reliable android development service should be able to provide clients and customers with competent mobile applications for their ideas and businesses. Moreover, it must also be able to change its approach if majority of its users are not satisfied with a feature in the mobile application. Other than this, being able to tackle real life issues could be a major factor in making your creation reliable for others. Promising this reliability should be a major go!

Marketing and Promotion

Launching a product in a competitive market could be a challenging task, however, if you’re using the right marketing and promotion tactics, your app could be a major hit! A mobile app landing page could be a useful method to keep on notifying the readers in a unique way. Moreover, you would want your app to become visible in the app store. An excellent android development service would use an irresistible title, a creative description with right keywords, a catchy icon and must be able to show the app’s prominent features.

Efficient Testing

It’s always best to repeatedly test your application. Make sure you ask your startup team to aid you during this process. It's always helpful to let your developers question and point out errors before your launch. This could be helpful in making your product more reliable and to avoid any further inconvenience for the users. Moreover, online mobile UX testing tools would be of great help in providing you with excellent feedback and insights of your mobile application.

A Competent Approach:

Whether your startup team consists of a local app developer or an outsource developer, you must always be aware of the general rules.

·       Know your budget, hire app developers for your startup accordingly. There are a lot of freelancers who are ready to make you an app at your desired rate.

·       Check experience and ask for any apps in running.

·       Talk about what you are looking for. Give a detailed idea of what you want.

·       Check previous reviews of clients and the developer’s portfolio, in case you intend to hire a freelancer as a part of your team.

App Release Period

If you’re rushing the release of your mobile application, it wouldn’t be able to attract your desired audience and might not even create hype at all! For this purpose, you need to research on when your target audience will need the app the most for. If it’s a daily purpose app, make sure you are promoting it enough and for long to catch attention. If it is, for instance, a student help-based app, then you might want to release it before exam season and your mobile application would for sure be very useful.

Unpaid Apps

If you bear the opinion that you can’t generate enough money through providing unpaid mobile applications in the very beginning of your startup, you're indeed missing out the point! Reports have shown how Paid-in Download apps could be less appealing for a user to buy at first hand. However, you can easily use your free app to generate profit! An easier way to do this is through in-app purchases and advertisements.

Craft your Development Skillset:

Lastly, gather some motivation and keep on learning to become a professional mobile app

Developer. The same phrase foes for your entire team. Learning how to code is the first important step you must take. There are many free options to learn this task. If not so, go for an app developer online i.e. BuildFire. You can also use shopify to add interesting features to your mobile application.


Origami Studios: Mobile Apps Startups have, undoubtedly, become one of the trending businesses and a major source of revenue today. As a beginner, you should consider these tips before planning a brilliant android or iOS app development service. Collect your motivation and get going on this field. Who knows one day you’ll create successful blockbuster apps like Instagram and Snapchat!