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10 Steps to be kept in mind for successful Mobile App Marketing Campaign


10 Steps for Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Market is growing at much faster pace than anyone thought of, today it is very much require to have an application to run business not just to stay in market but also to cater various types of audience from round the world.

The increasing demand of the application has not been parallel with its proper mobile app marketing strategy people are generally following old marketing strategies mobile marketing which is slowly resulting in popularity of application and if not used correctly sales revenue may go down.

Here are the 10 mobile marketing strategies That you can use to promote your application.

1.    Link your app marketing team with a app marketing agency:

Although you might have a well knowledgeable in-house marketing team but it is difficult for everyone to be specialized in all the field, therefore it is vital to link your marketing team with a mobile marketing expert who can give you and brush up your team on modern online mobile marketing strategy.

2.    Decrease fake users and try to boost your loyal user:

Many people may download your app and off course it will increase your rank in app market but that does not say that the app is successful, there could be people who would just download the app and may not even use it more than 2 times a year due to lack of attractive features. Customers remain loyal to your app by developing feature-rich app which is easy to use.

3.    Choosing the correct key word:

 Optimizing your application is important to improve your rank in app market and that can be done by carefully choosing your app’s category, title, keywords and description. In this way you can help the right users find your app instantly in a crowded market.

4.    Push Notification:

 Pop-up messages are alarms or standards that show up on a user’s smart phone home screen. They're like an instant message, yet a client must have downloaded your application to get them. This is the most proven mobile marketing strategy of sending messages instantly to your users. People tend to check it more often than any other marketing channel.

5.    Post Blogs regarding your app at various mobile marketing platform

Create blogs relating and about your application to create awareness among people about and how to use the application, and share your experience of developing it, once people read it, it tempts them to download your app and would like to experience it as it is written by a good blogger.

6.    Feedback:

 Feedback are very important to know about how an app is doing among the user, make your feedback page as simple as you can as people generally run away from providing feedback therefore it is necessary to make a attractive and a unique way of providing feedback for the customer which allow you to know what you are good at what is the thing you need to improve upon.

7.    Market before you launch:

Marketing of the application should began long before its launch, you should do it with the help of app marketing agency that looks for various ways and platform to market your application so as to create optimum level of curiosity among people about the application, so as once it is launch its booms the market due to optimum post launch marketing.

8.    Advertisement on Social Media:

Social Media advertisement is the best way to approach the targeted audience, once you are assure with who you want to target you can advertise your product on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Which are relevant to your target audience? People are generally very active at social media and the amounts of responses are much greater than other marketing platforms.

9.    On App Tips:

Providing tips would be very helpful to retain your customer, by constantly proving tips about how to use your app in effective manner will allow your user to know more about your product and by describing how to use your app at optimum level users tends to remain loyal to your app.

10.  Provide Precise and catchy app description:

 No matter how good your app would be it will fail to attract people if it does not have a good summary describing your app in best way, people tend to download application after reading its summary therefore it is important to make a good and attractive summary.

I hope these points would help you to increase market ranking of your application. Remember Mobile app cannot be marketed effectively through traditional marketing, this comparatively new platform demands for new ways and online marketing is the new way to do it. You need to run various mobile marketing campaigns to get heard by your target audience.