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10 Tips for Managing your Restaurant Effectively

The most crucial key secrets for every restaurant manager or director.

1. The customer is always right. The golden rule of business - the customer is always right. Even if you do not agree with a customer complaint, how you handle it will determine if the customer is at your restaurant.

2. Smiling staff. Every employee will always have to give the best image of the restaurant, for an efficient restaurant and for a better functioning.

3. Advertise. Much of the work is to be known, advertising you can do in newspapers and radio but it is expensive, today is best to focus on the web.

4. Always look at his finances. If you do not understand the basic concepts of a restaurant's finances, you are putting yourself at great financial risk. Accompany yourself with an accountant and look at your accounts every day.

5. Promotions can vary from a happy hour to fixed price menus, two for a special dinners.

6. Take away sales. Develop this axis if you want to acquire a new clientele.

7. A daily activity report can help you track restaurant sales. A daily business valuation report allows for optimal restaurant management.

8. Point-of-sale systems allow restaurant owners to track sales, cash, food stocks. A professional iPad POS system simplify the day-to-day restaurant management, reduce the cost of food garnish and payroll, as well as track the popularity of menu.

9. A restaurant menu needs to be updated regularly. It is important that the menus of the restaurant vary.

10. Small economies. A switch to efficient light bulbs and low-flow faucets are just two ways that restaurants have to save money.


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