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10 Ways To Grow Your Business Using AR & VR Technologies

Here’s how to leverage the benefits of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies and how they are transforming the way we do business in 2019-20.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies have revolutionized the modern business world. Both technologies will have a great impact on a wide variety of industries and will potentially change the way companies do business, increase productivity internally and reduce overhead.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), total revenues in the augmented and virtual reality market are expected to reach more than 162 billion dollars by 2020. An immense rapid growth if we take into account that revenues in 2016 circulate around 5 billion dollar

In this blog, we will discuss some important ways to grow your business with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies.

1) Better customer experience

In experiential marketing, technology has a buzz to it but it’s important not to let that drive your decisions and, instead, decide how it can enhance the experience.

Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality  can add tremendous value to your business as long as these are authentic and not forced.

So, must encourage your clients to consider the right experience for their customer first, and then look at how adding tech can bring the vision to the business life.

2) To explain concepts

By any means, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself how commitment will help you and your business. It is not about marking a box. It’s about spending time with a perfect strategy and finding out what is the correct tactic for the ultimate goal, be it Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, a video or a face-to-face conversation.

You have to make the people feel that no other medium could have explained a concept better. That’s what you are looking for.

3) Merge paper with digital

It is another amazing way to leverage AR-VR technologies for your business growth. You can merge print and digital using AR on the business cards. If you have eight-panel folded business cards then you can include short descriptions, images of your core products and services. Since business cards are small, so it would be slightly difficult for you to put a lot of info on them.

Thus, you need AR to marry an explainer video with every service. In fact, the Augmented Reality technology includes floating info buttons too.

4) For office fun activities

A large number of mobile application development companies have started using virtual reality on Fridays to help the office relax. This is because they feel that this will help their employees to realize that there are very interesting things, that they should never settle for the average.

If you have ever used virtual reality, you would be definitely knowing its after results too. Hence VR apps are very useful for office fun activities.

5) Be transported before traveling

By incorporating virtual reality in travel and tourism industry, businesses can help their clients who are potential travelers in getting a taste of a destination and experience virtually before their they make a leap in actual.

However, the technology alone will not be enough for most of the shoppers. Hence, they value positive recommendations, reviews from relatives, friends, media, and influencers.

6) Build immersive experiences

By incorporating augmented and virtual reality, you can easily create immersive experiences for your clients. It will help in capturing the audience’s attention and can truly transport them. So, you can these technologies at events too for driving traffic.

The only thing to ensure is that the interaction should be meaningful and the technology should not be relegated to a flashy gimmick.

7) Experiment with AR

By accessing AR and VR technologies, you can help users try on new beauty looks, imagine furniture in their living room, get up close for early access sneaker views and test drive a car’s aesthetics without directly going to a dealership. All this can be done in minutes by sitting at home.

8) Develop and reinforce teams

VR is truly an instrumental tool in the cultivation of camaraderie within an office. Your office must have virtual reality team creation sessions, where you can organize friendly competitions and cooperatives among your staff.

For example, you can have teams of two deactivating a bomb through a VR simulation or navigating a haunted house.

9) Provide corporate training

Professional training in corporate Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality offers team members a faster and more detailed solution. Hence, you need to provide employees with a practical and deep experience instead of just theoretical knowledge. These AR-VR based training will help in generating better overall results and a faster learning curve as employees take to the field.

10) Give virtual tours

AR and VR could be the best choices for providing virtual tours to your customers. Leveraging these technologies, businesses can help out their potential customers in designing the optimal space, positioning key enabling mechanics and providing tours to them of any place.

For example, if you work with data center operators, then virtual reality can provide you with tours of data centers.

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So far we have seen a number of ways using which you can grow your business with AR-VR technologies. Virtual reality along with its sister technology, Augmented Reality has the potential to reshape the business world.

More and more companies looking to the future are looking for new and efficient ways to innovate and make their products and services eclipse competitors. Being one of the first to adopt the next technology can surely facilitate this process. So it is the right time to give a push to your business with these technologies.


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