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10 best tricks for boosting the search rankings for your blog posts

Many people start blog posts with the intention of having as many followers who view and share their posts.

But not every blog post out there gets enough readerships as it should. This could be due to very many reasons. Some of the reasons why your blog post is not attracting traffic can easily be eliminated.Get more traffic to your blog post by following these 10 super ways that will enhance your blog's search rankings 

1. Make sure your blog post title is captivating

The title is the most important part of a blog post. It is your marketing tool. Let it grab attention. This is what will entice people to read and share your blog. A title that is not enticing enough will attract very little traffic. The contents of your post may be very insightful and worth the read. But if your title isn’t enticing enough, very few people will get to read the wonderful contents that are in your post.

Remember your blog title will be highly considered in search engines. Make sure your title is not too long. A title that has words less than 60 will be more attractive than a title that has over 100 words.

Include all or most of your major keywords in your title. The words you use for your title should be powerful enough and the body of your post should be based on your title.

2. Keep your blog post paragraphs short

Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Long paragraphs drive away readers. People want to read something short and to the point. This is so especially for those who just scan through a document instead of reading it. There is also a likelihood of committing fewer errors with shorter paragraphs. Short paragraphs make your blog appear clean and not too congested.

3. Write more often and be consistent

The more posts you write, the more readers your blog posts will attract. Consistency is very important. If you write one post this week and go for another week without writing anything, you lose the interest of very many readers. On the other hand, if you increase your posts to maybe 2-3 in a week, your readership traffic shoots up. So blog more often and watch your traffic stats rise.

4. Make sure your blog has share buttons.

One sure way of enhancing traffic to your blog post is by having it shared. If you don’t facilitate share buttons on your post, then your post will not get enough exposure. Very few people will see it. You need your blog post to reach as many people as possible. Your blog post should preferably have share buttons for most or all of the major social networking platforms. This will help in faster and wider shares.

5. Advertise your blog on social media.

Social media networks are widely visited. There is no better place to advertise your blog than in the top social media networks. Make your blog tweetable. Use facebook which is a very popular advertising platform. Use Google ads, advertise on Pinterest and Reddit, and on StumbleUpon. These social media platforms reach millions of users. Promoting every post you put up on your blog through these major traffics avenues will help you reach very many people.

6. Build up your email list

Having a strong email list is one of the most valuable things you can do to enhance traffic to your blog posts. You will communicate easily with people about your blog post and, unlike other platforms that keep changing, your email list will not. You will have full control of all the emails you receive and all the emails you send out.

A strong email list will keep your followers and audience engaged. They will easily communicate back about what they feel and what they would want you to change.

Email can allow you to set up a questionnaire that will make your readers views known faster and easily.

7. Allow for conversion of your articles to common formats

Make sure your articles can be converted to formats that are easily readable like pdf, PowerPoint slides. Podcasts and others. These will have your post ranked even higher than it already is.

EssayShark  is one provider that can do your PowerPoint slides to your satisfaction. The quality of their work is unrivaled.

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