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The scary change that's not so scary!


Hello guys. I'am Kabir and i'am 22 .It is the age when most of us have no clue of what to do in life and how to become successful and rich. We plan that by the time we will be 28-30 we will have a good sustainable job and a good package that will make us happy. Things we plan out for ourselves without giving a practical perspective which we don't have any. I want to point out that we remain afraid most of the time for a change to begin with. I believe young minds always have capabilities beyond perspective and to look for solutions to existing problems around us. I believe change starts within ourselves. Our change is what makes us believe that we can do things testing our truest abilities and take paths that normal people won't and that makes us different.

Human minds are normally driven by greed, ignorance and anger at early stages. We have to come out of that.We have to learn to take risks, by making mistakes. We have to be ourselves so that we can learn what our our passions that would drive us to work daily. There is no hurry and nobody becomes successful overnight. It takes hard work,dedication and passion in work that makes us happy about what we did. It's a step by step transformation.taking each day as it comes. Don't be driven my people's distraction about what you should do. Don't let them decide.

Never compare your life with others and get jealous. We all have different life stories to be built over the time and we are the only one who would understand and respect it. It's your life and you are the one who will always be responsible for yourself. So get out there. I want you to start by finding and solving little problems in your life.be it anything. I don't want you to postpone your problems with excuses, this way you will learn more about life and start becoming a DOER. When you start you are afraid.but slowly the confidence comes up to be a special one. Always remember that you are responsible for yourself and never blame your family or your friends for your decisions. Take a stand for your decisions and be happy with your decisions. Sometimes it may feel that you are out of luck on things .But if you want something with desire you will definitely get that at a certain point of time.