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Hence proved security solution for Hotmail accounts

Hence proved security solution for Hotmail accounts

Thursday September 07, 2017,

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Many of you may have gone through some security issues with your hotmail accounts. There can be so many security issues related to a hotmail accounts. Do not worry, here I am providing you some recommended security solutions for your Hotmail Accounts.

Let’s have a look on some of the Authentic Security solution steps;

Generate a substantial password

It is very essential to generate a substantial password for your Hotmail account. Your password should be untraceable, so that no one could ever break it. It is totally upon you whether you opt for a strong password or a weak password.

Keep updating your operating system

Make sure that you are using a latest updated operating system. It helps in enhancing the security of Hotmail accounts and makes it perform, better than ever. Setup your device to get automatically updates.


Never forget to add Security Option 

Always add the security option to your Hotmail accounts; it will help you to recover your account in case of any emergency. Adding security information with your mail account will help you to identify your Hotmail account in the easiest way.

Follow these simple steps and keep your Hotmail account away from any suspicious activities.