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My Unskooled Year

I chose not to run the race but create my own space

 I am Sagarikka , barely sixteen and I have already traded in share market, sold premium products through MLM, worked in the hospitality industry , made documentaries and to top it I am an author of a book. I did all this fete when I took a year’s sabbatical from my studies after tenth standard. It was all because of my parents Mrs. Savitri Sivakumar and Mr. Sivakumar who wanted her to make a choice of her own on her education and career. My parents run a training institute "Trichy Plus". Both my parents and myself were not to be cowed down by peer pressure and the so called scope of the streams of studies that were before us .

It was not bunking school for a year and having an extended vacation. I had a strict regime ranging from workouts at the gym to meeting people in different professions, to attending conferences , reading newspapers daily and building vocabulary . The day usually ended with a 3 hour long study of Maths & Science with my father as the co-learner followed by a look back at the day with the family. It was not all work and no play for me , throughout the year, I went on a trip to Mt. Kailash and was also a part of the team which we to Leh, Ladhak and made documentaries on it.

I decided to write a book on my experience. And now the book is out on leading online shopping portal amazon.in/com and the e-book is also available across the web. I had the opportunity of meeting one of my Idols , Her Excellency Dr. Kiran Bedi, Lt. Governor of Puducherry and presented my book. Her Excellency wished her the best and inquired about her future plans. She also met Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail a well know Biologist and an Environmentalist and also the Director of Eco Science Research Foundation. Incidentally I have also started “The Youth Eco Club” along with my peers with Dr. Sultan as my Mentor. The club collects organic waste from the flat we live and we have started composting. I am also working on Android Application that would help students preparing for CAT and exams alike. I am now pursuing my higher secondary education with a leading international school in Trichy.