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Mistakes brides often make while deciding the wedding theme

When you want to make your wedding event looks unique as well as beautiful then you have to plan and choose things accordingly. In this regard, choosing the wedding theme is very crucial task, it can be the most important part of the wedding planning process

 Wedding thing influences wedding destination, venue, decoration part, food & catering, wedding cards,  design, flowers, candles and centerpieces, wedding apparels and so on depends highly. You have to select & plan every design element according to theme of the wedding. So before taking any decision regarding the event planning finalize the wedding theme with the announcement of wedding date. You can discuss it with your spouse, friends and family and take this decision as soon as possible. But before taking the final decision you have to take a look at these mistakes, so you can avoid them while planning:

It’s not always right to follow trends

Hit something exclusive and plan to set a unique theme, going trendy is good but there’s nothing new in following other’s ideas. You can choose unique wedding style. Select the theme in a way that speaks a lot about you or what is running currently.

Pick the theme timely

While choosing the theme, take decision timely and make sure that all of the details have a balance. You should take care about the color theme, place, destination, decorative pieces and every tiny detail that describes your wedding theme.

Booking the venue before selecting the theme

Your venue is the main thing which reflects a lot about the theme and deciding it before finalizing the theme can be devastating. So you should choose theme before choosing the location for your wedding.

Not correlating the events

The wedding theme should define and correlate everything from the very beginning of the wedding event like from ring ceremony to reception. Most of the couple overlooked it and don’t plan it carefully. So avoid such mistakes while planning yours.

As its only about décor

Every small to big details signifies your wedding theme from wedding apparels to the floral selections. But don’t misunderstand this concept and don’t express everything through decoration part.

Personal marks refused

Don’t make it ordinary theme like barn or rustic. Rather you should create your personal marks, names, monograms and more to give it a personal touch.

Adding anything & everything

Avoid including everything you search online or have seen in somebody else’s wedding. Make a list of things you want to include and that are the demand of the occasion and décor accordingly.

Read it carefully and follow everything when you have to plan for your wedding theme. 


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