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Android App on road safety

One day while crossing the lights of Sector 48-49, i saw a deadly road accident and saw a youngster lying in pool of blood. A thought came to my mind, Is there any way i can stop this? Anything which alerts the driver that a black spot is approaching.This gave birth to "Watch-out"

Android based app which alerts the drivers about a black spot popularly known as accident prone areas which are identified by Government. I was not aware if any Govt agencies or traffic police have this kind of data ,so i sent a RTI to Central government asking them about the accident prone areas on NH1,i got a very vague reply so i kept quiet. Another 6 months passed and while i was searching the internet, i came across an article on blackspots in Mohali in leading newspaper. My mind got excited again and i started the app development with my in house team at last, we collected the data for around 25 points in Mohali and now the biggest challenge was to how to make people aware about it. Being a IT startup myself, i didn't had much budget so i approached one of the leading news papers and told the journo about my app, he didn't showed much interest . I got dejected and was thinking what to do next.

I came in touch with someone in Media who advised me to go for press con and cover the complete tricity, so i started making the efforts to collect the data for tricity and we decided the launch date i.e June 28th. To my surprise i got a huge coverage in Tricity which has given me the confidence to launch this app all over India in next 12 months. I am in touch with Road and Transport ministry to provide me the data and to help me in making this app a success.

This app has currently been updated with data from Chandigarh,Panchkula,Mohali and Lucknow

"Watch-Out Guys" Be safe!!