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Darkness is cute ???

    Sometimes, Darkness is cute because it makes us feel free, be yourself and be able to see small few things that you’ve ever seen when has the lights.


When I was the child, I had claustrophobia by without cause. But when I had grown up, I started to see the beauty of darkness. For example, in a cinema, you can’t see the movies fun if it’s bright and also can’t grab your date hand. Ahahaha.

That’s not all reasons. Most of the people fear the darkness because they couldn’t see anything far away but it doesn't mean the far away is dangerous, harmful or ghost being there. Once, I was in primary school. I was a boy scout and went to scout camping. In the night time, we had to survey around our area, and we had to walk by cemetery. Most of us are so fearful, some girl was screaming when we walk by closely the tomb, some was shaking, but finally, everything was alright. We could have done our mission.

      In the morning, scout trainer told us that the thing you fear it’s not the ghosts, devils or monsters but you fear darkness, you fear the thing that you cannot see. That’s all reason for concern. The trainer continually asks us “If I tell you all were walking to the cemetery now, do you guys still fear that? Everybody start to understand the entire situation. A half of Boy Scout usually like going there for catches up the butterfly, pick up the flower and sleep under the tree there.

     The trainer keeps explaining, the people who win of fear have to practice. Practice’s about consciousness. You have to know where the fear is from and how to step up on it. “Fear is of mind…. You must correct it by your mind… don’t fix it by surroundings. At the beginning of everybody who already wins the fear has also concerned the thing same as us but they start to stop, they want to stay, they hate it because it doesn’t make sense, it pulls us down, and they know they surely can win it. So why, they have practiced it for along. Some of them have practiced for more than ten years and still doing it because they know that’s right for themselves and their family.

We can see the stars and Firefly only in the dark time. Stars tell us the direction; give us brightness in the night. Night gives us rest, dropped the temperature and make nature entirely.
“If Brightness doesn’t mean safety, Darkness also doesn’t mean danger then.”

     For me, Darkness and brightness both have such charming. It depends on you. Can you find it? If you find it, it might be more beautiful and be happier than you thought.I hope this content would make everybody have happiness, positive thinking, trust and winning on any troubles without fear. (Nothings you should exactly fear, only yourself that you should.)

“Fish live in the sea, that why it never see water.”

Human lives in the world, that why they never see the oxygen.”

But finally, Darkness, brightness, and oxygen are the most important and necessary for life. Keep it well.

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