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Endless Darkness Vol. II: Launch of the spine thrilling Anthology

Tuesday November 01, 2016,

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Have you experienced any paranormal presence near you? Are you brave enough to handle such paranormal experience?

After the huge success of Endless Darkness Volume I and selling more than 20000 copies worldwide, Lutiv Publishing is back with Endless Darkness Volume II. This spine chilling novel is darker and scarier. Endless darkness volume II is an integrated effort of team of writers and editors. We got more than 1000 entries for Endless Darkness Volume II from which our team of editors have shortlisted 25 most scary stories created by most sought after horror fiction writers across the globe.

Short and Scary Stories is a platform where fiction writers and authors share their unique ideas and enthralling horror stories. Through this online portal the authors reach to a reader base of one lac subscribers. We as a contributor to the writers’ community came up with unique idea to share the exclusive anthologies and give authors the right platform to showcase their talent.

Endless Darkness is the most thrilling anthology which has been critically acclaimed by 20 critics across the globe and with Endless Darkness II we have tried to scale the horror quotient to a next level.

So come and join this thrilling ride.