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5 online certifications which everyone should go for

Certification courses are a great way to build your resume, not only it escalates your personal learning but professionally too.

GOOGLE ADWORDS - Google provides a great support for the professionals to gather insights on the dynamics of google adwords. It includes different segments of courses relating to shopping ads, video advertising, display certification, fundamentals of adwords, Mobile advertising , Search advertising. It is easy to watch videos and give exams at the end of the course to be certified as adwords professional. Available link - Google adwords

DIGITAL UNLOCKED by Google - A great course for every individual who want a 360 degree Learning about digital marketing. It includes content which is easy to understand with real time examples. A participant have to complete all badges in order to give the final exam and earn a certificate.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS - You want to know about analyzing web traffic data ? Become a certified professional at google analytics. This certification shows your prowess over the understanding of the web analysis. Qualified users will be effectively showcasing at leveraging its google analytics certificate within their organisation. Available link - Google analytics

YOUTUBE CERTIFICATION - This certificate can help you in learning the ins and outs of the channel creation, optimization, growth & monetization. Available link - YOUTUBE ACADEMY

INBOUND MARKETING BY HUBSPOT ACADEMY -It is a free online course which is based on Inbound methodology. From attracting visitors to converting them to customers, and then converting those customers into promoters. Available linkHUBSPOTACADEMY

Above certifications will not only build you a valuable resume but also enlarge your view over digital world.