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Various Ranges of Compound Bow For Archery Lovers


Are you fond of Archery and wonder which compound bow to buy?

Choosing the best archery is an overwhelming process and confusing as well, you need to consider several factors before choosing archery equipment.

Keep the below points in your mind before picking up an archery equipment like:


Length of your Arm


Your Height

There is a wide range of archery equipment available in the market, based on the budget, experience, preferences, and purpose you can choose the best crossbow for the money that suits you.

Choices of Compound Bow on Low Budget

1. Genesis Original Kit

The Genesis Original Kit is a great option for all category people but best suited for archery training students as it has many features and best suited for teenagers and women. It is also very adjustable and has good accessories. One drawback of this archery is it cannot be used by a taller person or those who are having long arms. Since it does not require any adjustments this is a great option for fresher and students.

2. SAS Rage Compound Bow

SAS Rage Compound Bow is another best option in the low budget archery range. The look of this archery is very powerful. For the budget, it is the best option as it is very accurate and fast. You can also upgrade it if so required. There are certain drawbacks to this archery like it can’t be used in the left hand as it is available only with right-hand version, little noisy and harsh.


Draw weight is 55 to 70 Lbs

Draw length 26″ to 30″

Draw weight of 55 to 70 Lbs

Choices on Mid-range

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge

If your hobby is archery then you can very well opt for The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge, because it suits very well for a skilled person. Also, if your draw is a bit longer then you can also go for it as it will support an extended draw.


Draw length is 13″ to 30″

The draw weight is 5 to 70 Lbs

2. Bear Archery Cruzer

If you are very bad at maintenance of archery equipment or if you are seasoned users then you can very well opt for Bear Archery Cruzer as it doesn’t require much maintenance. The accuracy and power of this archery are very great as it provides wonderful grip.


Draw length ranges from 12″ to 30″

3. PSE Surge

The cost of PSE Surge is very moderate, so you are looking for a powerful archery within the budget then you can very well opt for it. The basic purpose of this archery is hunting as you can shoot out instantly.


Draw length is 19.5″ to 30″

Speed is 320 feet per second

Axle measurement is 32.5

4. PSE Prophecy

If you are looking for the fastest compound bow which gives excellent accuracy and speed, then you can opt for PSE Prophecy. This primary purpose of this model is a single-cam style. This suits both fresher and skilled professionals as it offers excellent power and wonderful precision.


Speed: 340 feet per second

5. Martin Archery Lithium

If you are looking for a high-end hunting compound bow then this is the best choice. It offers excellent speed and precision with a smooth feel.


Axle measurement of 33.25

Draw length adjustment between 31 and 38 inches

Its speed is 335 feet per second


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