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Avoid Some Chemicals in Your Baby Products


Do you want to purchase organic baby skin care products for your new born? This is because the skin of a new born is very sensitive. It cannot tolerate any kind of chemicals which an adults skin will easily adopt. In today’s world most products use different kinds of chemicals for colouring, smelling, and for creation of lather. It can cause serious skin infections and allergies to your child.

When you have a new born baby then you are more prone in reading about the ingredients that are present in your baby product. There are some damaging chemicals hidden in these baby products. You should read well before purchasing.


This is generally used as a preservative in the baby skin care products. Butylparaben, ethyl paraben, methylparaben and propyl paraben are other pesticides that are also present in the baby products. Experts are not yet clear about the side effects of these chemicals. But yes they causes allergic reactions and some fatal health issues.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)

This chemical usually produces foam and bubble which babies usually loves playing with while bathing. If compared to other pure baby products it causes side effects such as allergic reactions, loss of hair, scalp with flakes and eruptions on the skin. Cleaning industries will not function without the usage of SLS. It serves as a detergent for engines and cars. A thorough cleaning is done with the help of SLS.

Lauramide DEA

Like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) Lauramide DEA is also known to form foam and lather which kids love to bathe with. It sounds innocent.The side effect of using this chemical is it creates skin allergies, scratching of scalp and dermatitis.

TEA (Triethanolamine)

This chemical acts as a cleanser which is often used in a baby shampoo. The most important side effect of using this chemical is that it leads to skin irritations and also proves detrimental for skin.

There are many baby products which can’t be avoided like moisturizers, lotions, body wash, shampoo, etc. You just need to be extra careful while selecting any product for your new born. This extra care is needed because a baby’s skin is sensitive and mild. Rough chemicals prove fatal to a child’s skin. If you want to avoid these products, then you can switch to organic products for your sensitive new born. Eco friendly products are much in use these days especially for babies.

Organic products are a great investment for your child. Products are made up of natural things which will keep your baby safe. These can be availed online and at a very cheap price. Many online sites are there who are interested in selling organic products to you. These products are spreading like a wildfire all around the globe.

Many people are of the viewpoint that costly baby products will prove useful to their child. But the case is not so. The ingredients should be well read. After this reading process the product should be purchased for your mild new born.


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