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Food in Indian Railways lacks quality and is not fit for humans- CAG

This condition of Indian Railways is not coming as a surprise but the extent of it is alarming, to say the least. You cannot sell infested or expired food products to the customers. The case where a passenger got an iron nail in his food just blows my mind. Serious reforms should be brought. That is the least we can expect from the concerned authorities at this point in time

Food in Railway

According to the latest study conducted by CAG, the food that is served in Indian Railways and that is being served for years is not healthy or fit for human consumption.

The audit report that The Comptroller and Auditor General [CAG] drafted this week strongly suggested that the food that is served on the stalls at Railway Stations and in the trains is not fit for human consumption.

There are endless loopholes in the system and the way the food is prepared at the stations. The report has pointed to regular mismanagement from the catering service providers. Poor quality of raw materials, mismanagement of available resources and poor cooking methods/techniques are some of the reasons why the report nullified the quality ratio of the food.

Here are some bullet points you should know about the CAG Report.

• The food being sold at the stations and trains is not healthy. It is not fit for human consumption.

• The biscuits, chips, fruit juices, and even flavored milk being sold at the stations is unsuitable for humans.

• The system taking care of the complaints regarding the catering service and food quality in trains hasn’t put any effort to address those complaints. When the number of complaints coming in every month hasn’t gone down, the system still managed to ignore its responsibility to do something about it.

• Overcharging and poor quality of food have been two primary complaints over the past year.

• In a case mentioned in the report, a passenger ordered a cutlet on his journey from Lucknow to Anand Vihar and got the same with an iron nail in the cutlet. - Nirmal Singh Lotus Green

• The report also stated that food that was contaminated, recycled, not branded, and expired was being sold on the premises, trains, and stations.

• The food was found infected and over loaded with cockroaches at three separate stations. The pantries were not covered and were infested heavily with flies and mosquitoes.