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    CA Pass The Real Story

    CA Mukesh Rajput
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    About the book…….

    The present book ‘C.A. Pass: The Real Story’ is the author’s life story in which he describes in a very interesting manner the ups and downs of his life’s journey from zero to zenith. Through this book you will come to know how a small boy, who, sick of the constant fights between his parents, runs away from home and has to work in a canteen or in a hotel in order to put food in his belly and survive. How he refused to give up and despite these many trials and hardships he realized his dream all because he continued to persevere and is today a successful C.A. Via this honest auto – biography the author wants to say that you don’t have to be exceptionally talented to succeed; sincerity and hard work make everything possible. People with average potential can also polish and refine themselves to reach their desired goal. It is only after reading the book that one realizes the true meaning of ‘Try Again’. This book tells us that failures are only repetition of mistakes and so rather than getting demoralized by them and quitting we must try to identify and remove them. This book is not written to sermonize instead it is a true account of the actual experiences of the author’s life and inspires us not to be defeated by such challenges of life but to face them all the while telling us of the ways to do it.

    All in all it is a practical handbook which gives us courage, teaches us and also entertains.

    About the author…….

    Mukesh Singh Rajput is a C.A. by profession. This is his first and probably the last book. It is so because he refuses to regard himself as a professional writer. Had the thought of motivating others by telling them about his unbelievably hard life not rankled his conscience he probably would have never put his pen on paper to write this book. The tribulations of his life before he became a C.A. can be imagined when we realize that he has completed all his studies after 5th as a private candidate; spent his entire childhood away from home – family working in hotels and shops. But the flame of become something in life kept burning bright in him so picked up the lost threads of studies once again and rested only after he had obtained the professional degree of C.A. in 2010. Presently he is a practicing C.A. in Bhopal.


    The aim of this book/movie is to show people how important education is for success in life. It aims at encouraging students and the youth to opt for education. This book will scrape off the rust from the minds of those children who think that they will not gain anything from education and find excuses not to study and will also prove to be a milestone to those who say that they are helpless because their elders did not let them study/ did not have enough money/they could not study because of some circumstances etc. etc. This book will act as a torch bearer for such people who think that they have become incapable of studying or that now they will not be able to do anything in life or those who have accepted failure as their destiny.

    I believe that all these are just excuses that students and the young people make for saving their skins. C.A.Pass will prove all of them wrong and generate fresh energy in people of all ages especially the youth. It will clear all misconceptions from people’s minds that they are not as intelligent as others or god has gifted this one and that one with intelligence and we are not a genius like them. This book will point out ways to all such students who have become disappointed because they have been facing repeated failures in competitive exams, have become tired of them and those who have reconciled with their failures believing them to be their destiny or even those who despite failures, keep trying but fail to learn. This book will inspire them and develop optimism in them.

    With the help of real examples the book will tell you that how education has no need ofexcuses. If we have resolved to succeed and are confident then even God opens ever new doors of opportunities for us or sends a medium to help us and finally leads us to our goal.

    This movie will prove to be a boon for children, young students and unsuccessful people and will act as a life saving drug in their lives. All in all, besides entertainment this book also offers corrective measures.


    Have you have given a thought to what must be going on in the mind of those children whose parents are constantly fighting with each other? At times these fights become so aggressive that children have to bear the brunt. Often they raise hands on each other and on the children too and as such the children live in a constant fear and even take the risk of eloping from home as was done by the protagonist of the book and the movie.

    Such children who run away from homes work in hotels and restaurants where they are not treated well as a result they fail to dream of making anything of their lives. Such children grow up, fall in wrong company and disrespect women thereby casting a bad impression on even the people with good upbringing.

    ‘Why do children run away?’ ‘How to stop domestic violence so that their future does not become dark?’ and other questions like these find answers in the live examples that I have given in my book and will prove beneficial to you in raising your children. Through this you will be inspired to keep the environment of your home positive, I am sure. Through this book I just want to convey one message to you that:

    Even a stone can turn into a diamond provided it is polished well.


    You will see that once he left home how the protagonist of the book ran from post to pillar, wherever he looked for love and affection he found rejection; everybody used him. When he had left his home he had thought that the world would give him the love, affection and support that he had never found at home but it did not happen so; the outer world turned out to be worse than home. Whichever hotel or restaurant he worked in the employees subjected him to night long physical abuses. He was tortured to the extent that he started regretting his decision of running away from home.(This is a bitter fact that children who run away from home are treated very badly by the society. They are exploited in many places in many ways. What a dilemma that we are ready to die for our own children but find it difficult to treat other children in a humane manner. Through this book I wanted to lay open infront of the society the pain and suffering of such children and appeal to them to show some consideration for such unfortunate children and to treat them as one of their own.)

    Then despite facing all trials of life he was on his way to reach the goal of his life when riots between two religions and the strain in society created by them put a question mark on his future plans.

    I want to draw the society’s attention to the fact that even students have to pay aprice, and that too unnecessarily, for mutual disputes or distrust among members at homes or within countries. Thus through this book I want to appeal to all religions and segments of the society that we should exercise brotherhood; violence has never proved beneficial for any society or nation.

    C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput

    This was how the book was written...............

    Within all of us lies the instinctive desire to succeed – though it may in our careers or in any other aspect of life. But mind it that success is not a ‘guess’. The word ‘Success’ in itself may be small but to achieve it hard work, sacrifice, dedication and focus are very important. Success is not an end but an on- going process which takes us to ever greater horizons.

    If you have made struggle and positivity your co – travellers then success becomes a certainty because one who struggles definitely reaches his destination. But today I see that if children have slightly spoilt their paper or if they face a small challenge they regard it as the last examination of their lives and takes rash decisions like suicide! Although it is a sign of cowardice. If only we could tell them the life is for living and struggles teach us how to live.

    The foundation of this book is laid on that ‘if only’. My own life has been a tale of hard labour and unending struggles to take it from zero to zenith. And so the restlessness to save others from disappointment and helplessness was always there but the task of converting it into a resolve was done by a client. During a power cut in a professional meeting when I shared my story of achieving success because of the struggles of my life with him, his eyes filled with tears and he took a promise from me that ‘I will first shape it into a book and then a movie and pass on the benefits to children, students and their parents.’

    And the other reason being that when I was struggling with failures in my CA phase I found no such related book which was based on a true life story of success and could motivate me. I missed this thing a lot during then. And so I felt that I must do something to fill that blank.

    Writing this book has been a pleasant experience for me. When it was near completion I thought that I will place a copy of this on the holy feet of SantShiromaniShriShriVidyasagarji because when I was working as a driver I had received his blessings in Sagar and it was then that I had decided that once I become something in life I would definitely seek his blessings once again.

    One day all of a sudden I came to know that SantShiromaniShriShriVidyasagarji has come to Nemawar (Madhya Pradesh). Thus I had made up my mind to go and seek his blessings on 03-02-2015 (Tuesday). But just a day before I fell sick.Knowing that before any good task is accomplished there are always difficulties to be faced I did not pay much attention to my ill health and remained firm on my resolve to go. Despite all difficulties I, at the end, I managed to reach the room where Maharajji was seated, having had his meal. It was about 11 in the morning and there was a huge crowd waiting to seek his blessings. I introduced myself to the doorman and told him the reason behind my visit. He asked me to wait.

    I can still recall the scene in that room. There was absolute silence in the room. I peeped inside the room a little. Maharajji was sitting on a wooden takhat in aasan and there was big wooden box kept infront of him. I could see the same glow and serenity on his face that I had witnessed in Sagar. As soon as Maharajji saw me he smiled a little and the doorman gave me permission to go inside. Once infront of him I kneeled down and gave my complete introduction and told him ‘Maharajji, with your blessings today I am a C.A. Before today when I had seen you in Sagar I was a driver …..now, with the help of this book I want to share my experiences with the children and their parents , and that is why I am infront of you ….” And I don’t know why but my throat choked and I started crying…the time stood still. I handed over this book to him and said, “Just two words for the book…and if the film is made then some moments of your live presence..”.

    Maharajji said, “My blessings…my blessings.”He said it twice. I looked at his feet from far and bowed down because I believe that I am not even worthy of touching the feet of such an enlightened soul. But the respectable people seated around him assured me that I could touch his holy feet. Scared and with shivering hands I touched his feet and with my eyes filled with tears of gratitude I left. I felt that as if all this was predetermined and had been possible only because of his blessings. This was an unbelievable realization and I believe it to be the outcome of good deeds of my previous births.

    Because I am not a professional writer I had contacted many professional writers for this task. But I was disappointed to note that none was able to transfer the pain and essence that I wanted to come across on paper and reach the people. Thus I myself sat down every morning from 5:30 – 8:30 and starting writing. I managed to finish it after two years of consistent efforts. Although, at my end, I have tried to keep it error free but then it is human to err. I hope that you will let me know of my mistakes and give me a chance to correct them and also give significant donation for making of the movie on this. Yes! Very soon we are going to present this book before you in the form of a movie!

    C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput

                               Chapter -I

    My destination: my roads

    Date : 20.07.2010 Time : about 09:30 in the morning Place: Bhopal…..

    The C.A. (Chartered Accountancy) result is to be declared today. I could not sleep a wink last night, tossing, turning I kept thinking just one thing that.. “This is the last group of C.A… if I clear it today, I’ll become a C.A. Despite an exemption in the subject of Financial Management, I had only tasted failure the last three times. That’s why this time I was really nervous because if I fail yet again even that exemption will expire.”

    It was morning, eyes were wide open but I was still very reluctant to get up from the bed. There was a slight drizzle outside, the birds were chirping merrily and the tempting fragrance of damp earth was making it a very pleasant weather.

    Lying on the bed I was still with my thoughts of the exam result when a voice burst the bubble of my thoughts “Will you get up or keep on sleeping? Don’t you have to go to the office today? Lying there like a lazy bum…..” My mother! Lazily I murmured, “Yeah Ma. All right. Just a little bit longer. I’ll be up soon.” “Get up now.” “All right. …am getting up…”

    Mother would often scream at me. I could never keep her happy. But this was her concern for me. The truth is that it is all because of her love that I am where I am today.

    My mind was very restless. Just then the mobile chimed. Trnnn…..trnnn…trnn… Rubbing my eyes, stifling my yawn I glanced at the caller’s name on the mobile screen…Mr. S.S.Tomar. Tomar was my friend and till date we had together cleared each class of CA and thus, like me, it was the last group for him too. I picked up the phone, “Hello!” Tomar’s voice from the other end said, “Yeah, Mukesh! The result is out, buddy. I couldn’t make it. Give me your roll number, let me see….!” Suddenly my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. Tomar’s voice again, “Are you sleeping? Give me your roll number, man.” Getting a hold on myself I said, “Sorry, dude. You could not pass….” His voice replied, “So what’s new? I have become used to the word ‘Fail’. Ever since I lost my heart to ICAI, it simply keeps breaking into pieces….it is just like that high handed lover who pleases less and hurts more. God knows what she wants!! When I had joined the course, I was young but now I am a senior citizen!” “Then Tomarji, you must get the benefit of the Senior Citizen tax slab in Income tax.” Although sad, yet he laughed. I could hear his loud laughter over the phone. Even I laughed.

    Sobering up I sighed, “Man, this is not fair. You were sure to clear.” “Oh! Mukesh! The ledger that ICAI has prepared for me has lesser credit of happiness and greater debt of


    sadness. So the net balance would be unhappiness. Come on, let it be….give your roll number …! I gave and asked him to let me know of my fate.

    I kept waiting for his call. About two hours went by …my heart accepted that may be I flunked again. I became all the more sad because now with the exemption expiring how would I study everything all over again? I could feel tears rolling down. Keeping a check on my emotions I decided to go to office. Doing some work would help me feel better and getting busy with work will take my mind off my worries.

    “These studies have ruined everything. Had I become CA at the right time may be Archana would have not left me. For past 8 – 10 years I had celebrated neither Holi nor Diwali, nor had visited relatives on any occasion …. Infact had failed to visit even Nani, who had brought me up in my childhood, as she lay very sick in her last days. She had asked about me many a times but I could not go because of my exams….” Thinking all this I kept cursing ICAI to my heart’s full. In my mind I said, “What more can I do? It has taken away everything dear to me! What else do I have to give? Whoever I loved has left me…. I’ve nothing left with me now!!”

    Eventually telling mother that I was going to the office, I left. Went to a temple en route, had a heated argument with God and then reached the office. Wiping my tears started doing my client’s work and kept telling myself to calm down and accept that maybe I did not try hard enough.

    Slowly the staff started pouring in the office. At about quarter to twelve Madamji arrived and questioned, “What happened, Mukesh? Failed again?” In a weeping voice I said, “My friend had called ….he told me that he had not made it ….he has taken my roll number…. has not yet called back…! “ Maya Madam tried to calm me down saying that it was all right and I shouldn’t worry so much. “But Maya Madamji, my exemption too has expired! My despondency refused to decrease. “Come on, don’t be sad”, said everybody before they returned to their work.

    At about half past twelve Maya Madamji stopped working and asked, “OK, at least tell me your marks? Which paper has been held back?” I said, “Marks I don’t know and the paper withheld I don’t want to know…I am just so sad that I failed to clear.” She shouted, “Give me the roll number. Let’s see your marks and the paper withheld.” I sighed and slapped the roll number on her table. “Go. Take a look because you will not be at peace till you have seen it. That is all that you can do…!” Paying no heed to my grumbling she input my roll number in the computer. I was shouting in a fighting mode, “You like to see me fail, don’t you….?” Her computer had started processing the display of the result… Once again I was lost in thoughts of 20 years ago….!!

                                                           CA PASS -PREFACE

    Very few people in this world crush the various difficulties and challenges that come across in the way of success in their life under their feet and keep marching towards their goal and rest only when they achieve it. Fewer out of those few inspire the coming generation to move forward to achieve their aims and reach their goals by stringing into words the inconveniences, momentary failures, obstacles faced by them and the ways to overcome them.

    The author of this book C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput has had his name included in this very few through his autobiography.

    The relevance of this book will be proven in reality by those people who will read it and conquer all their difficulties, challenges and discomforts and get inspired to then march ahead towards their goals.

    I congratulate C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput for having becoming a C.A. and carving a niche for himself in this profession despite all the mentioned hardships faced by him. I am also extending my deeply felt appreciation for informing the coming generation about the successful and tested recipes of success.

    I hope the very best for this book that after publication may it reach as many people as possible and break new records of success. I also wish that the movie based on this book be praised by the people and inspired by the same they reach the zeniths of their lives.

    With best wishes.

    C.A. V.S.Rajdev

    Founder Secretary & Ex- Chairman

    Bhopal Branch

    The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

    Book Comments 

    “I read (CA Pass The Real Story ) about the life story of Shri Mukesh Singh Rajput C.A. in the book written by him ‘C.A.Pass’. He has overcome several difficulties to reach his goal. His book has a lot to offer to the present young generation and also to the students of today who will realize that nothing is impossible to achieve provided they have the will and firm determination to achieve it. It is said that if there is a will the heart of a mountain can be split open by a timid stream. Similarly if there is hard work to accompany a firm resolve everything becomes possible.”

    -Ramesh Chandra Agrawal, Chairman,

    DainikBhaskarPatra Group

    “The autobiography written by C.A. ShriMukesh Singh Rajput – ‘C.A.Pass: The Real Story’ shows that if a person wishes he can achieve anything provided he has the self belief and an unflinching diligence to do so. I am hopeful that this book will definitely show a new way to youth and students.”

    • Thawar Chand Gehlot, Cabinet Minister Social Justice and Empowerment,

    • Central Government

    “The book ‘C.A. Pass: The Real Story” written by C.A. ShriMukesh Singh Rajput is based on actual facts. It tells us that how he struggled hard and persevered untiringly in face of adverse social and economic conditions to acquire a professional degree like C.A. I am sure that readers, when they read it and viewers, when they watch the film based on it will get inspired and push themselves harder on path of success.”

    -Suresh Jain,

    I.A.S, Bhopal (M.P.)

    “ ‘If a person wants he can achieve the highest goals with hard work, balanced self confidence and persistent dedication’ – the autobiography ‘C.A.Pass – The Real Story’ written by C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput embodies the above adage. Every single page of this book teaches a lesson of life to students. Without blaming the circumstances for our failures if we can turn them around in our favour so that they assist us in our search for success then nothing is impossible to achieve – this is the message that this book has for students and the youth.

    Dr. SashiRai, Member – State Higher Education Council, Madhya Pradesh

    Group Director, ShaheedHemu Colony Education Society, Bhopal.

    “ The book written by C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput ‘C.A.Pass – The Real Story’ is a touching book based on his real life. Having taken birth in a poor family, he faced extreme challenges in life and the efforts he took to achieve his aim of clearing the CA exam are a testimony to the saying – Where there is a will, there is a way’. After reading this book the readers will realize the value of education in life and that only the educated earn respect in the society. If his heart desires desperately then man can achieve the biggest possible goal.


    Principal – Polytechnic College

    Shamla Hills, Bhopal

    “I have read the life story of C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput in the book written by him ‘C.A.Pass – The Real Story’. The reader is forced to ponder about each incident and episode mentioned there in. This book sows a thought in the hearts of the young generation that if you have high ideals and the drive then no difficulty of this world can stop you from succeeding, that while gaining knowledge disappointment is like an enemy, that keep moving towards success with courage, that if one works hard in the right direction that success is always his.”

    Narayan Singh Kesari

    Ex – MP RajyaSabha

    “This book is based on the actual happenings during the student life of C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput in which his hard work in face of extremely difficult circumstances is shown. It is said that your hard work is the greatest wealth in the world and your best companion is your determination. Acting on this C.A. Rajput kept working hard amidst adverse social and economic conditions and completed his CA studies and achieved success. I am hopeful that this book will prove useful for all those students who want to succeed with hard work and courage. I also hope that this book will prove useful in providing new direction towards success to students.”

    Dr. VikasSaraf, Professor and Director – Vidyasagar Institute of Management, Bhopal

    Ex – Joint Director, ICWAI

    “I am really overwhelmed reading this book which is the key of great achievement and success in author’s life. I appreciate and salute his courage, efforts and struggling journey which led him to what he is today – a successful CA, a man of dignity, an example and many more which cannot be described in words. Through this book he has shared his hard work, experiences and knowledge. I will strongly recommend and advise people, especially the youngsters to read the book and learn from it.”

    Surya K. RamdanyDadool,

    Managing Director – Surya Marketing Limited


    “Going through this book ‘CA – Pass: The Real Story” I could see an evolution acting into today’s professionals which assured me of a great future of business digest. I congratulate Mukeshji for his generosity and spirit to ease out other’s journey. I am sure this book will help all the aspirants in achieving their goals step by step and will keep them on track in good and bad times of their preparation.”

    Arun Kumar

    Director – ShuchitaPrakashan(P) Ltd.


    “By penning down the actual incidents of his life with confidence Mukesh Singh Rajput has set an example for student life. This book of his will act as a fine lesson and motivation for that section of youth today which hopes to achieve much with little hard work and on failing to do so, out of depression and cowardice starts moving towards suicide.”

    Dr. AshwinaRangnekar

    Head of the Department, Music, Sarojini Naidu Government Girls College (autonomous), Bhopal

    Stage artist (music/stage)

    “This book authored by C.A. Mukesh Singh Rajput is a concrete summary of his personal experiences and is centred around the various ways of reaching to life’s aims. In this he has thanked the various testing conditions of his life and made a mention of the lessons they taught him. He has said that a person’s resolve to accomplish his target should be so firm that his luck should wait for him.”

    Dr. RajniGorowala

    Asst. Professor – Social Sciences

    Sarojini Naidu Government Girls College (autonomous), Bhopal

    “Mukeshji has very beautifully moulded his real life story in inspiring words….I really appreciate his hard work. It s well – written and contains sound, practical advice. I will recommend the students to take the benefits of the steps shown in the book for ‘how to prepare for the exams’ and ‘how not to lose self confidence’ as ‘Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings’.”

    CA DeepikaSahu, Bhopal

    (Genpact, Bangalore)

    “I am delighted to read this book. The author has taken great pains to bring out this publications based on real facts and hardships faced by an average student (author himself) to become a Chartered Accountant. This piece of writing is indeed invaluable to everyone aspiring to become a CA.

    Santosh K. Agrawal


    Confederation of All India Traders, Bhopal

    “This story is not only true but also has been written in such a lively manner that while going through it we don’t feel as if we are reading it but it’s like watching it. It will prove to be a boon to not only the students but to all those who, faced with failures in life, either turn their faces away from life’s struggles or become inactive leaving everything upon their destiny. I am of firm belief that this book will definitely bring about a positive change in the society’s approach.


    Ironman Gym, Bhopal

    Body Building Corporation, Bhopal