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14 Things Single Ladies Can Do on Valentine's Day

Who said VDay is for those in a relationship? Here are great ideas for all the single ladies!

Now that January is over, the love month brings a cold breeze to single ladies on Valentine's day. Whenever you see couples holding hands or having dinner together, you get all cringe-y like seeing #swaggers in Musical.ly. 

Being single on Valentine's day is not a reason to be bitter, it just means you're still on your way to finding the perfect person to spend it with. Don't spend your Valentine's day contemplating on sending that "I miss you" text to your ex. Make this year count with these amazing Valentine's ideas for single ladies:

Start your New Year's Resolution (For real!)

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Don't deny it, your New Year's Resolution is nowhere near in progress. Don't worry, it's only been a month since the New Year; think of January as your 1-month free trial. Slowly start fulfilling your New Year's resolution whether it's to travel, learn a new language, practice a new skill, lead a healthy lifestyle, etc. Valentine's day is the perfect day to get back on track!

Catch up on your favorite shows

Being a strong, independent woman, time is always of the essence. It's hard to fit an hour-long episode into your daily grind. Valentine's day is the perfect excuse to binge watch on your shows instead of moping around because you don't have a date. Order pizza, make popcorn, and get ready for a night out with your favorite fictional characters. Don't know what TV series to watch, take a look at IMDb's best TV series to get some inspiration.

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Finish that book you've been reading since forever

No matter how much we try, there's always that one book in our collection that we can't bring ourselves to finish no matter how much we like it. This Valentine's day, give yourself some time to finally finish the last few pages and get rid of that guilt whenever you see the bookmark still on the pages.

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Start a new hobby

Don't get too wrapped up about going on a date this Valentine's day. If you've been thinking about getting into a new hobby this year, then Valentine's day is the perfect time to start doing it. Want to learn how to surf? Go on a surf trip with your friends; do yoga, learn how to meditate, take up a cooking class, these are just some of the many hobbies that you can try and start on Valentine's day. Here are some hobbies you can take up according to your personality.

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Kill it at the gym

If you've been making excuses to go to the gym since you made your New Year's resolution, Valentine's day should be your ultimatum to hit the gym regularly. Kill it on February 14 and make your ex's regret leaving you before you can celebrate Valentine's day. In addition, summer is also coming so if you want to get that killer body, better start doing your routines now.

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Tell your parents "I love you"

If there's anyone that truly deserves to be loved this Valentine's day, it's your parents. Take the time to get in touch, especially if you've been away. Give them a call, take them on a date, visit, bring or send them flowers, cards, chocolates, etc. Your parents deserve every bit of love and attention they need this Valentine's day.

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Throw a singles party

Being single on Valentine's day doesn't mean you can't have some fun! Gather your other single friends and throw a party! You can do each other's makeup, exchange tips, bring food and snacks, watch a movie together or go out clubbing, recruit Club Single members and have fun on Valentine's day!

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Have some me-time at the spa or salon

Nobody loves you better than you do, so celebrate that love this February 14 by pampering your body with a mani-pedi, a new hairdo, and a relaxing massage. One great tip to save up on your spa or salon day this Valentine's is to go on Groupon and find salons and spas with the biggest discounts. This way, you will be able to enjoy a day of pampering without worrying about your budget!

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Treat yo' self at Sephora

After a spa day and getting your hair did, continue your me-time on Valentine's day by shopping at Sephora! Get a few swatches, check out the newest palettes, and grab a few skin care must-haves, nothing makes a girl any happier than a shopping spree at Sephora!

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Order something different from your favorite restaurant

Food always pleases the soul, especially for singles this Valentine's day. Grab some grub at your favorite restaurant but spice it up a bit by ordering something new. Get something that your ex would hate, forget your diet for just a second, and order that moist triple chocolate cake that you have always wanted.

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Go on a first date with someone

If you're single now, it doesn't mean you can't find anyone on time to spend the day with. Make it something fun and exciting like paint ball, laser tag, theme parks, etc. There's more to first dates than just lunch and dinner or watching a movie, there are a lot of other things you can do. Tinder or no, it's never too late for a first date, especially on Valentine's day.

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Offer to babysit for your friends or relatives

Do a good deed this Valentine's and offer to babysit for stressed-out couples who deserve to relax and enjoy their partner's company. You can do it for your close friends, your siblings, or your parents. You can go the extra mile by giving them a Valentine's day card afterwards.

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Volunteer for a cause

If you're feeling bitter this Valentine's day just because you don't have a date, you are forgetting about thousands, even millions of people who don't even have food to eat on the 14th and on succeeding days. Make your Valentine's day count and volunteer at your local soup kitchens and shelters. Not only will you make a difference this love month but you will also feed your soul with goodness from the heart.

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Spread the love

It doesn't mean that you're single, you are incapable of loving someone even in a non-romantic way. Whether it's your BFF, your colleagues, your parents, or even your dog, spread the love this Valentines day. Celebrate Valentine's day with these amazing ideas for single ladies!

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