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Test your taste buds with best food items in India


Have you ever tasted the yummy food? if yes, then you have much more to experience and if no then trust me, you are going to have a feast. The tasty food which not only gives you a way to enjoy but also make you taste again and again. A different food from rest of the world you can only taste in India not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages. I am sure by the end of the article you will have new crave of tasting the Indian food.

1. Idlis and Sambar

A tastiest and flavorful South Indian cake made by steaming a batter of fermented black lentils and rice which is mostly served with the delicious sambar. The most famous dish in all the south Indian families, light and tasty food which was declared as the most nutritious and safe food by World Health Organization. Idli does not have any fatty elements which is a perfect dish for the breakfast. Try when you Visit India for sure!

2. Mughlai

Mughlai has it's a special place in the best recipes as it was mostly in the kitchens if Royal Mughal Emperors in India. It is very special for the people residing in the northern parts of the country India. You would love to taste the Mughlai foods like Biryani, Pulao, kebabs, and kofta in which the sauces & butter added curries give more flavor in the dish. Tempting? Taste the most delicious items this time without missing.

3. Aloo Paratha 

Paratha is the ever tastiest food which one would like to taste again and again. It is basically Indian flatbread made with whole-wheat which is preferred in most of the Punjabi families. The flatbread is stuffed with potato and various other fillings which are named as Aloo Paratha. It’s very delicious to eat and Paratha's cooked with pure desi ghee. Try paratha's once and i am sure, you will become fan of the food.