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Why Do You Need Pillow Of A Different Size?


All the things that come in contact with your body are customized for you. For example, your dress, shoes, glares and even deodorants. Even people buy smart phones of different styles and sizes to suit their individual needs and fit into hand.

Then why, is your pillow the same size and style as that of everyone else in your family?

Let us see ‘how to select the right pillow for you?’

Please remember 4 things while selecting a pillow for you.

1. The pillow should have a thin base in the center where your head rests when you lie on your back.

2. When you lie on your back, the pillow should support the curvature of your neck while resting your head at the same level as your shoulders.

3. The resting place of your head should be at appropriate distance from the edge of your shoulders. This is measured as the distance between your C7 Vertebrae and the Occipital Protuberance.

4. Off center, the pillow should have a thickness matching the gap from the side of your head i.e. the outline of the cheek to the side of the shoulder.

So, the above requirements mandate three levels of thickness to be built in your single pillow.

1. An inch or lesser to rest your head when you lay on your back.

2. One to two inches to support your neck (pillow region in contact with your neck), when you lay on your back.

3. About 2.5 – 3.5 inches thick to support your head when you turn to your either sides.

Now, if you see the point you will ask, ‘OK..but who makes such a pillow? I have never seen such a thing, before.’

Check neckfit.in/faq

Go though FAQs to understand the science behind an ideal pillow. Assess the –

1. Distance between your C7 Vertebrae and the Occipital Protuberance.

2. The distance between the sides of your head to the side of your shoulder.

3. Decide, whether you want a hard, moderate, soft or super soft pillow.

Place the order and Bingo! You are on the way to change the way you have treated your neck and shoulder, all your life, just because you didn’t have a choice.

Changing habits, that are decades’ old, are tricky affair. But we all make some effort for good things. Isn’t it? After all, you spend almost 30% of your life sleeping.

And, oh…yes! If you like, please share your experience on contact@neckfit.in Your experience may benefit millions of others who are trying to prevent shoulder pain while sleeping.

Neckfit toh Backfit….Posturefit!


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