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Lessons from the bounded

Business Success Tips from 2 Businesses Located in a Little Place Called Boucherville QC 

All new business owners have one dream in common: to see their business grow and make its mark. Studies show that entrepreneurs are not necessarily looking to make money—although that is a nice perk that comes with business success, but rather they strive to create change. Regardless of what they are selling, Startup founders want to shake things up in their respective industry; they are looking to inspire, revolutionize, rather than just making ends meet.

There is also a belief that business success is almost impossible if you are not at the “right place”. Many entrepreneurs at heart are discouraged by their physical location, thinking they cannot succeed because they are not located in a major city. However, that could not be further from the truth! In the 2 examples below, the businesses are located in Boucherville QC, a small French-speaking town in the suburbs of Montreal. To anybody starting a business there, taking a shot at the North-American market could feel intimidating, if not even impossible. Yet, these two businesses located in Boucherville QC have become North-American leaders in their respective industries. Here are some business success tips observed from their business model.

 Develop an Extensive Distribution Model

The Trudeau Corporation is a 4-generation family owned company

The Trudeau Corporation is a 4-generation family owned company specializing in the design, manufacturing and distribution of houseware and kitchenware. Although the company was not called under that name in its early beginnings, it demonstrates entrepreneurial determination all the more. The name Trudeau belonged to the early company’s accountant who could see what the company could become. Determined to see it grow, he studied commerce and eventually became proprietor an president of The Trudeau Corporation. A few generations later, the company’s growing success is due to the building of extensive distribution channels, including in Europe and Asia. The name Trudeau is now synonym of innovative and sophisticated home and kitchen items, the company has become a North-American leader in its industry, with 2 major distribution centers, one in Boucherville QC and another 116,000sqf center in Woodridge (near Chicago IL).

Offer Innovative Technologies

CSA Balloons is the leading custom balloon printer in North-America

The ultimate entrepreneur aims to shake things up. C. Laviolette did it when he founded CSA Balloons a little over 15 years ago. Working for over a decade in the balloon manufacturing industry, Laviolette noticed a flaw in the balloon printing process and was longing to solve the issue. Consequently, he designed his own balloon printing machine and founded CSA Balloons, a custom balloon printing company. From the very beginning, CSA Balloon revolutionized the balloon printing industry. Today, they are the leading custom balloon printers in North-America, printing custom balloons for some of the worlds most recognizable brands.

Entrepreneurs strive to create change and stir things up. Regardless of geographical location, Startup companies can make achieve business success. Do you have lessons for the bounded? Share them below.