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Education in Dilemma


People often confuse education with mere passing of examinations & acquiring of certificates.One may be qualified but still uneducated.If one has certificates but lacks substance or utility that one could bring to the table then the very purpose of education gets defeated.The true worth of an individual is determined by awakened conscience & intellectual power.

Education in true sense implies enrichment of conscience & intellect in terms of learnings,awareness,behaviour sensibilities,practicality & adaptability.Mere theoretical knowledge & roto learning wouldn’t raise the mental level in terms of accepted real education parameters.We inherit an education system that dates back to british period and is outmoded.Various attempts have been made to reform the education system but all in vain as the policy makers have not their eyes on the ground. 

One needs to understand that primary purpose of education is to develop awakened & enlightened individuals who can handle variety of situations in personal & professional life.Current education system lacks the purpose & objectivity and is only delivering unhealthy non performers who only lead a mediocre life.


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