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Reprogramming People For Success



”’Entrepreneur, Speaker, Success Coach & Peak Performance Trainer”’

ANANDRAJ is a person with a vision of helping today’s young generation to pursue their life purpose with passion to move from where they are to where they want to be.

He is a commerce graduate from Loyola College, Chennai. Further did his post-graduation in Management.

The pain of being given Transfer Certificate & thrown out of school in his tenth grade because of not performing well at studies has affected him at a deeper level and made him think what is the one thing that top performers have which get them extraordinary results and creates difference in their quality of life and career.

Today the same painful deep rooted thought has turned into exploration, learning and research for Anandraj in various domain of human performance and behavior , peak performance psychology , leadership psychology , Neuro Linguistic programming , psycho cybernetics, Neuro Semantics , Conversational programming , Unconscious Language Patterns etc., which is now helping hundreds and thousands of students in improving their performance to achieve their desired results .

You may be anyone who is performing at the peak and getting your desired results, but still there are techniques and strategies which you can learn from Anandraj that will take your performance to the next higher level.

He has trained thousands of students for success in their academics & career at IAME and also in other institutions. His passion for transforming lives of students and other people made him to coach students for their personal & career development. His techniques and strategies for unconscious reprogramming are very effective and are used to achieve astounding results.

He has personally coached students and made them realize their real purpose of life. He has also coached college passed outs who were lacking self-confidence, who were stuck being in their comfort zone, who were scared of taking risk for their career growth and made them to realize their hidden potential and helped them to use it productively to succeed in their life and career.

He is also a media personality. TV channels call up on Anandraj to advice students through live Programs like ENNA PADIKKALAM in RAJ NEWS CHANNEL to help students for their career development.

Colleges, Schools & other Institutions invite Anandraj to be their Success Partner to help students perform better in Academic, Life & Career.

The Human Performance Technology called “Accelerated Performance Technology” which Anandraj uses everywhere has produced results which most often people think unbelievable and magical. Within few days or weeks after the session you will be surprised to see Astounding Results in your life and start wondering as how it all happened in your life so quickly which you thought would take several years.

· If you say you have problems or challenges, Anandraj has solutions.

· If you think something is impossible, Anandraj can make it possible and certain for you.

· If you say you are stressed, with in few seconds he can make you relaxed,

· If you say you are depressed the next moment you will feel excitement in you.

· If you say you have fear, in few minutes your fear will change into your power.

Anand Raj = Astounding Results

What began as a young person’s desire to help students achieve greatness in their lives has grown into Anandraj’s lifelong crusade.

Anandraj’s Personal Performance Reprogramming is a system that will give access to the resources you never realized you had.

Anandraj has designed various programs for various domains through his “Accelerated performance Technology” – Personal Performance Reprogramming with which lives of thousand will get reprogrammed for success in future.

In 2016 with the objective of helping business community, Anandraj has started an Organization called Success Masters Business Network , which primary objective is to support entrepreneurs / start ups and small business to expand their business through various networking events / Referral or Word of Mouth Marketing/ Workshops / Conferences and many more. 


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