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Breaking Away from the Sheltered Life

From living the life of a pampered wealthy girl to creating my very own start up.

It's difficult to express but sometimes when you're fortunate enough to have been given all the good fortunes of life by your family, ambition can take a back seat. This was exactly my life the past 23 years until a few months ago , I went through an emotional revolution and decided that it is not my Dad's job anymore to look after me, but my own! 

After graduation, my Grandfather helped me get a job at a huge multinational company. This was my first step into the corporate world. Everyday I entered the office and began to do my work as sincerely as I could, but something kept bothering me. I realised it was guilt. I saw my colleagues who came from an altogether different social life who worked ten times harder than I did and struggled everyday to show the boss why the deserved to be at that job so they do not lose it while I knew that I had job security without any worry. This guilt slowly began to increase and one day I realised that I do not ever want my family to be the reason I have a salary. 

I got the courage to tell my family that I do not desire to work there anymore and wish to begin my own venture. At that time, I did not know what I wanted to pursue, but I knew in time I would figure it out. My family supported my decision but somewhere in their eyes I could see a little hesitation. I knew one day,I would convert this hesitation into pride.

So for the next 1 month, several ideas came to my mind but there was nothing that really peaked my curiosity until one day my best friend gave me the best advice. He told me to think of my passion and try as hard as you can to make it my profession. And immediately I knew what I wanted to do. Ever since I was a teenager, fashion has always been a huge part of me and has helped evolve my personality. I realised that I must not be the only other woman who has such a strong emotional connection with fashion. This thought marked the beginning of a beautiful journey for me, where I focussed on building an online fashion store which does not merely want customers to buy clothes, but makes customers feel a connection to the brand and in the clothes that they buy. There are several online clothing stores in India, but my vision is to create a family of women who love fashion the way I do. 

So finally after 4 months of hard work and several obstacles of building a start up, I finally launched my store. And even though this is just the beginning, I no longer have that guilt within me. 


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