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Skin Care Producs-Let Your Face be a Weakness of the Male Population!

For every woman!


Facial cleansing is the first and most important step of the daily beauty routines. Whether you wear heavy makeup or not, the skin also needs regular cleaning to glowing natural splendor. And among the products for facial cleansing, in recent years, great popularity acquired micellar water.

The face in the day to touch up to 250 times, reflexively every four minutes, and most often do without washing your hands. The facial skin is exposed to a variety of other contaminants, dirt and bacteria. In addition, often keeping the phone pressed against his face, and most of us regularly applied makeup. Due to the constant increase in environmental pollution, the need for regular and thorough cleaning, is gaining in importance. So make sure you clean the skin feature to your daily routine care. Cleaning is the first and main step to radiant and healthy-looking skin, including products for facial cleansing micellar water has become a real “beauty” superhero.

Sam method of operation is very simple, and yet so impressive. Micelles are microscopic particles, ie. molecules that consist of two parts: the outer part of the “loves water” (hydrophilic) and the inner part that loves fat “(lipophilic). To effectively remove all make-up and particles of dirt, it is necessary that the product contains both of these components.



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