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This husband is ready to work behind the scenes while the wife runs the show!

Times are changing, and its great to see men empowering women! 

Yes, you heard it right! Mr. Sunil Mittal has broken many stereotypes by successfully supporting his wife Mrs. Shailja Mittal to establish a diamond jewellery boutique as he does all the purchasing while every person knows the boutique as Shailja's Diamond Jewellery.

Started in 2003, Shailja's Diamond Jewellery is a diamond and jadau jewellery boutique based in Surat, Gujarat. It all began in 2001, when Shailja after sending her kids to school, would have no work to do. Her mother did not like her sitting idle and dragged her to join a designing institute in Surat. The family was living off Sunil's partnership in a textile mill meanwhile.

After a few months, Sunil and Shailja's relatives started encouraging her to get some designs made. The first order was received the order of a neckpiece from a relative from Delhi. Though not official, Shailja designed it, got it approved and started the manufacturing process. The Diamond Market being male-driven needed Sunil's hand who inspite of no knowledge started dealing with the purchase of diamonds and hired a few merchants to make the neckpiece. After successfully manufacturing the piece, Sunil took it to Delhi to show it to the relative. But, alas! They refused to purchase it and Sunil returned to Surat with the neck-piece.

With increasing passion and a never give up attitude, they continued to work hard on their designs and quality of diamonds. Sunil started spending more time in the diamond market to understand how it works. They received another order for a wedding from Delhi. They gave their best, worked hard, day in and out and finally their hard worked paid off. Not only was their bridal collection bought, but was appreciated during the wedding. That was the end of the beginning.

There was no office - no rental property bought, they renovated one of their rooms to turn it into an office as Shailja had two children to bring up and a house to manage. Travel was not a convenient option. Shailja started stealing the show with her excellent presentation skills, convincing power, and the ability to understand the customer's taste and budget. With her new firm, two children and a household, Shailja was supported by Sunil throughout. There was assurance of the quality of diamonds as Sunil took all the pains to purchase the best. He started sitting in the office for 3 hours and would be off to the textile mill for the rest of the day. 

Customers started coming in. They enjoyed the fact that they could describe what sort of a design they want, get it designed and bring that to life! Where else in the world would you find in-house designers and manufacturing up to your taste?  Slowly, they grew in quality and innovation. The only publicity they relied on was Word-Of-Mouth. They started exhibiting in Sparkle - Surat's Jewellery Show, Arabia Show in Bahrain and Wedding Asia, Delhi. Most of the decision making and logistics is also handled by Sunil Mittal.

Today, Shailja's Diamond is a successfully opened boutique in Vesu (Surat) where customers receive high end products. Mr. Sunil now sits full time and is involved in the purchase of diamond, certification and manufacturing. Mrs. Shailja never lets her customers go disappointed with her understanding nature. No two designs are the same. You dream, Shailja's create. With a huge variety of options from Pendants, Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings and even Diamond Watches, Shailja's is creating trends that one needs to really follow! They have also started an online portal www.shailjadiamonds.com as online commerce is growing. They have been participating in Wedding Asia (Delhi) since seven years and aspire to establish as a well-known brand. This small dream would not have worked out had the duo not persevered and there would have been no Shailja's Diamonds if Sunil wouldn't have helped his wife work her way out!

The  husband wife duo 


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