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What all SEO as services will do for your website

SEO or search engine optimisation mainly involves optimisation and link building, in more than one way.

SEO or search engine optimization is specialized field of services which includes vast number of activities. SEO is basically a process including set of techniques which are used to improve the search appearance and search rankings of websites on the organic search pages. It targets a given set of keywords and aims to rank websites for these on various search engine ranking pages or SERP. The result of SEO is that when somebody searches for a query related to the targeted keyword the website appears higher on the search pages.

Search engine optimization or SEO services mainly includes optimisation and link building. These are two basic cornerstone of any search engine optimization services. Optimisation activities are conducted under the on-page SEO service while link building activity comes under the off-page SEO service. And so, on-page and off-page form what we call as SEO.

These SEO services are provided by a professional SEO company or agency specializing in search optimization or search engine optimization techniques. It is a specialized area of services provided by experts.

Any SEO starts with on-page SEO which is the base. This means various forms and methods of optimization of a website and web pages. The aim or target of any web page optimization is a keyword or selected set of keywords. But the true objective should be to enhance and improve user experience of visitors searching for queries related to the keyword or set of keywords. Optimisation or on-page SEO starts with keywords research which is selection of relevant keywords, proper use of keywords on web pages, writing content around those keywords to provide what a searcher may be looking for. It then includes improving site layout, use and optimization of images and other media. It also involves technical part which takes care of things like page loading speed, internal linking checks, title and other meta tags optimization and more checks.

On-page SEO ensures that your website is ready for your visitors. Then comes the off-page SEO. This is a way of promoting and networking of your website on the Internet. Technically it is called as set of link building activities. Off-page is creating your website’s footprints across the Internet. This is done to improve a website’s authority and positioning so that it appears higher on SERP for its target keywords. Without this your website’s visibility will be very limited. Off-page or linkbuilding is done through many ways like

1) Creating social profiles

2) Listing your business on other listing websites

3) Create profiles in profiling websites

4) Social bookmarking

5) Be part of relevant Forums

6) Classified advertisements

7) Guest posting

8) Writing articles

9) Questions and Answer sites

10) Images and infographic submissions

11) Infographic submissions

12) Video submissions

13) Participation in niche communities

14) Blog commenting

15) Outreach

All these activities are taken care of by professional and specialized SEO companies or agencies. All these activities have to be conducted on a regular basis to build authority and online presence of a website, bringing relevant traffic to that website and ranking web pages for relevant and desired keywords.