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Our dedication is your complete villa vacation. We bring to you an unmatched villa experience in Lonavala.

Hireavilla is a villa rental startup which provides you with luxury villas on rent according to your requirements and comfort. Hireavilla promises you a comfortable stay, an all service provider and much more. We place ourselves as a one stop shop for all your villa vacation planning. Touching base with Lonavala currently, we plan to expand our vacation zones to many more popular destinations. 

Started by Saagar Panchal, Omkaresh Parab and Karan Pendhari, the 3 young entrepreneurs with their charismatic vision and abilities have really managed to take Hireavilla to show extraordinary growth and potential towards a real progressive and promising company. They have shown real character and risks to make a ground for the company. From the very base of the company, the 3 entrepreneurs stood like 3 strong pillars of the firm, picking up on every storm that came towards the company.

We at Hireavilla provide you with all the services and facilities you could think for when you think for a luxury villa vacation. If you're looking for great services, Exemplary villas and equally satisfactory facilities, Hireavilla should be your destination to accomplish your urge for a comfortable outing.Based in the scenic city of Lonavala/Khandala, we make a mark on delivering on your expectations helping you picture your perfect villa vacation. You thought holiday, we promise fun. 

Hireavilla takes care from all your basic amenities to every addition service as per your requirements.We arrange for additional services like cooks, DJs, bartender, or any other additional services as per your demand.We would be one call away in case of any emergency. A clean and hygienic environment,Transport services along with chauffeur, a full time caretaker at every bungalow for your care and responsibility are few significant services you can look forward to with Hireavilla. Just reach our website or give us a call and you'll be our responsibility. 

We recently have collaborated with Royal Palms, so now you can enjoy the luxury of a high end villa right in Mumbai. 

Reach us through the following Links or references.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hireavilla/

Website: www.hireavilla.in

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hireavilla/ 

Or call us at: 9768044523

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