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My Story : After you hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up !

When I was a teenager they said I would never graduate and become a good employee or a human being. They were right.

When I left home and got addicted they said I would end up dead or locked up. After having overdoses, and admitted in rehabilitation centers and institutions, I guess they were right.

When I started my first business while doing my job also, they said I was crazy and was too big of a risk taker. Damn, I guess they were right.

Then when I crushed it and started having success they said I got lucky and would never be successful in my personal life. They were right, again.

Because this time my success will be even BIGGER.

I’m taking a lot more people WITH ME and together we are going to change the world and the way the business is done !

And I’m looking for the next innovative Leaders who is willing to do whatever it takes to CHASE THEIR DREAMS.

If that’s you click below, and join our team and we can together change this world !


This is called momentum.

And it’s only the start… I advise my haters to be patient… there is so much more to come… Stay Tuned !!!

10 years ago I had a dream to attain financial freedom by doing something of my own than doing only the boring 9-5 job !

9 years ago I finally decided to wake up and do something…

8 years ago I was going to give up as nothing worked out after serious effort too and landed up in rehabilitation centers …

7 years ago things were finally looking up…

4 years ago I’ve learned so much and was overwhelmed…

3 years ago I was going to give up yet again as my only stream of income stopped working, but kept pushing forward by learning new skills…

2 years ago I reached my peak as I concentrated mainly on creating multiple stream of incomes…

1 year ago I created many my own unique startup concepts to help others make money by selling traffic, doing eCommerce business and by generating leads.

Today ….CEO of DreaMerchantZ.com and Founder of yet to be launched Business Networking Website ReferEntrepreneurs.com which is going to be a game changer in the social media arena with a twist to all existing revenue share models.

I have a dream now and we as a team are heading to a Multi Million Dollar Company and all started with nothing but a dream !

WE ALL HAVE DREAMS , WE DON”T ALWAYS WAKE UP! This is a wake-up call for all those still sleeping !

Dreams don’t work unless you do. One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching ! So start hustling Now if you have not yet started ! Best of Luck !


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