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Physicsmodels – A Top Site for Learning Physics Online Through Tutorial Videos

The website www.physicsmodels.in is one of the most attractive portals for children to enjoy physics as well as learn the fundamentals. The purpose of this unique site is to enable students to learn cncepts and working principles in a few minutes only, not hours .

www.physicsmodels.in offers new type of videos chapter-wise and for important topics for Class X to XII syllabus. Inside the video, is a combination of 3D Animations technology as well as 3D pictures.

Four Demo videos are displayed on the Home Page itself , so that new readers can acquaint themselves with the style and presentation before registering into the site. 

One of the four videos is shown below. It starts with a basketball game scene, and teaches the student in a more interesting way the physics behind a perfect throw. The same concept can be then understood by a student for cricket and other ball games.

Horizontal and Vertical Forces

This video explains in a few minutes a concept pf parabolic motion, which could otherwise take even an hour for an average student to understand it properly. The horizontal and vertical forces are colour differentiated in a clear way from the horizontal and vertical velocities respectively. This physics tutorial video helps understand vectors properly in a game context and keeps the mind of young students focused on it.

Let me show you another example of a sharp 3D image below – a Compound Microscope. You will find it really tough to find any such thing elsewhere on the internet.

Working Principle of a Compound Microscope

This image is encapsulated in a video which, in a few minutes only, makes it crystal clear to a student regarding what is the construction and working principle of a Compound Microscope. This concept is difficult to understand by reading a textbook and it can take many hours to imagine things. But if he/she looks at this physics tutorial videos , he/she will find it better than many online courses . The student would be ahead in a big way.

Thousands of students love the experience of learning physics as if they are standing in a Physics Laboratory and seeing an experiment, an equipment , just like the real one. This makes Practicals seem simpler. Students get much-needed self-confidence to handle the practicals.

Each video is packed with just the right amount of information, to avoid overload and yet serve the purpose. This saves a lot of student’s time and energy.

Another feature of www.physicsmodels.in is the superb explanation of equations and sketches, since finally students have to learn from textbooks and reproduce it on a paper. An example is shown below . Every aspect of theory needs to be understood, not only the 3D Animation. The equations have to be clearly understood. There are many unique sketches like the one shown below.

Ray Diagrams

In above page, the ray diagrams are drawn and the focal lengths laid out in such a way as to cause an impression, leading to an equation .

www.physicsmodels.in includes more than 200 high-quality, original, unique physics tutorial videos. This is one of the powerful online physics courses which help students to understand physics very quickly and easily.

Deriving equations:

Deriving Equations

The tutorial videos focus on learning the equations, and also how they are derived. The derivation of an equation is not so simple. It needs heavy basics, and a strong mastery of concepts and a gradual step by step way to reach the final equation. It may look easy when we are looking at a textbook page, but it may be very difficult to reproduce the same steps after some time.

The scope of these physics tutorial videos is vast. A student can cover almost all chapters needed for Class X to XII in ICSE/CBSE/State Boards . The online course instills basic concepts needed for entrance exams like AIEEE and JEE.

Students in India and abroad will find this website extremely useful and unique. The chapters are ordered in a logical sequence.

The 1st chapter is devoted to Maths basics, and this helps students a lot if they have any weak spot in maths needed in physics chapters.

Physics Tutorial Chapters

Solved problems and self-evaluation : solved problems for many chapters are included in the form of videos. These help to check the understanding of concepts and animations. More solved problems would be added in future.

Students in India and abroad have done sign-in and become registered users, and they are benefiting greatly from the physics tutorial videos.


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