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How Funrento is delivering Happiness to kids :)

A startup in the domain of toys, baby gear and books rental with carefully handpicked branded toys mapped to development skills and home delivered!

As technology is advancing and our mindsets are evolving, society is moving more towards subscription based rental models where you can get all the needed stuff on rent at much lower price and get so much more variety without spending too much. Cherry on the cake is free home delivery! So much ease sitting at home :)

Funrento is a step in the same direction in kids domain which is an unexplored and unorganized area so far. Today people rent furniture, books, dresses, costumes etc then why not educational toys and games? Specially in young age where the brain development happens at a rapid pace kid needs all the variety of educational games, books, puzzles and toys to satiate their curious minds and overflowing imagination. As a parent its a mammoth task to research for the age and interest appropriate toys for their little one and get all the needed variety without burning a hole in their pocket. That's where a rental model serves the purpose. 


 " Playing is the highest form of research"- Einstein

Funrento is a brain child of a young couple- Aradhana & Saurabh who after having a kid realized the need of good quality toys and books for aiding the development of their kid. Every time buying new toys, managing the old unused toys at home which the kid outgrows very fast and researching about the toys was a big challenge they faced. On a thought, renting all such amazing toys which someone can deliver at home seemed like a luxury!!


Being in a supply chain industry for past 6 years & worked with one of the biggest FMCG multinational , Aradhana felt that a good supply chain model with a very well thought and handpicked collection, toy rental can help lot of new parents. Saurabh, being in an IT industry understood the knick-knacks of user friendly interface quite well to crate an online rental platform. And hence they worked together to build a domain where they can offer best of the breed toys handpicked from Indian and International markets. Each toy in the collection is carefully mapped to the 5 key development skills and interest area of the kid which makes the task of selecting the right toys easier for parents.

 With this outlook and vision to provide high end service of branded educational toys & games home delivered, Funrento was launched after a 6 month of exhaustive research in Novemeber 2015. In the 6 months of its operation so far, Funrento has evolved and reached 50+ customers serviced in east Bangalore. The existing customers are pretty happy and excited with the seamless toy deliveries, the variety offered and the smile which Funrento brings on their kid's face :)

This is what a customer has to say- "ONE Awesome IDEA... Lots of toys...Loads of Fun...Excellent Service... And here is the clincher... Teaches Discipline to child to be responsible for toys and Saves atleast > 5k per month..... Thats Huge... Hats off to the team... A definite Further referral to anyone with kids... !!!!!!!!!!!" 

 Funrento believes in keeping nothing but the best branded toys and games in their collection and provide home delivery free of cost. Last month, they have expanded to books as well for bestseller International and Indian collection.


"Getting the positive feedback from customers and seeing the happy faces of kids when we deliver toys keeps us motivated and going. When kids excitedly ask us when will the next toy come, we feel we have added some value and joy to these little lives." says Aradhana. "We aspire to be the one stop shop for all kids needs in coming time and we will provide one of the best and easy to use platform for parents" is saurabh's vision of Funrento. The couple understands that hygiene is a crucial factor in their service parameters. They have developed a stringent 4 step quality check where each toy is well sanitized, washed, blow dried and shrink wrapped before delivery. The packaging is kept lively and colorful to keep the excitement high for kids receiving the toys.



Having left their high paying jobs to start something of an own was a big decision but both the founders seem quite happy with their decision as they feel it is the right time to give wings to your ideas and startup is a big time opportunity to learn new skills. Saurabh who has done his M.S in computers and always been in technical industry comments that this startup has helped him to learn people management skills, supply chain concepts and front end marketing. Aradhana who has an MBA from NITIE, says that she learnt so much from her direct customer interaction about customer mindset and it was fun understand a bit of coding. Also getting things done in logistics and maintenance was a challenge the couple faced and overcame.

The team is now working hard to expand their collection and introduce new items each week. They are parallely working on also expanding their area of delivery to Pan Bangalore. They have also made their online system seamless where a user can add all toys of choice to wish list and get them delivered through month without logging in every time for delivery.

In coming times we foresee a growing acknowledgement of this service and more and more parents understanding the need of rental model- not only to save money and space at home but also being very environment friendly as sharing toys reduces a lot of plastic consumption. 

As they say- sharing is the way!! :)

Visit www.funrento.com to get more details.

Also check out the unique collection here-

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