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How this Delhi-based entrepreneur is demolishing stereotypes about women in the electronics domain

MoArmouz founder Srucchi talks about her journey as a female entrepreneur in the traditionally male-dominated domestic consumer and business electronics domain.

Srucchi is a proud founder of MoArmouz, one of the most trusted names in consumer and enterprise-grade electronics in India

Making your presence felt as a strong player in the ruthlessly competitive domestic consumer and business electronics domain isn’t easy, and the challenge multiplies manifold when you are a female entrepreneur in a traditionally male-dominated field. And yet, as a budding entrepreneur eager to tap into what she viewed as a domain with tremendous opportunities for growth, Srucchi was determined to not let this get in her way. Add to this the fact that electronics was a domain that Srucchi – a qualified dentist – had little experience in, and it’s easy to see why her journey to the top wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Today, as a founder of MoArmouz – a home-grown brand that is synonymous with quality consumer and enterprise-grade electronics products, Srucchi is eager to share some of the challenges she has faced and the lessons she learned along the way with other aspiring women entrepreneurs, especially those who, like her, are eager to carve out their own identity as self-made businesspeople.

Humble beginnings

Coming out of a particularly rough marriage and with two young children to care for, Srucchi's decision to pursue her entrepreneurial drive was not based on emotion and ambition alone. “Financial stability was a very real consideration for me, and I knew that although I was starting at the very bottom, the only way left to go was up,” she shares. Srucchi invested all her savings to establish MoArmouz, then a small mobile accessories store that specialized in tempered glass screen protectors for mobile phones. Srucchi manned the storefront herself, helping customers to affix the screen protectors on their devices. “Interacting with customers on a daily basis taught me a lot about their needs and requirements. Although these interactions were not always pleasant – Indian consumers’ attitude towards sale staff often leaves a lot to be desired – it helped me to understand what the market wanted and how I could serve them better,” she notes.

The long days that she spent on her feet at the store were only a small part of the efforts Srucchi put into developing and growing her business. “By night, I would scour the internet to update my knowledge about the domain and research the latest innovations. I realized then that there was an incredible opportunity for a home-grown electronics brand that specialized in innovative, high quality products. I also began to visit trade shows and expos to be at the forefront of any new developments in the field, and developed a strong network with suppliers from around the world to continually bring new products that matched the market’s demands.”

MoArmouz is the first to offer Indian consumers innovative USB Type-C products under an Indian brand.

From there to now

Today, MoArmouz is one of the most trusted names in consumer and enterprise-grade electronics in India. The company is the first to offer Indian consumers innovative USB Type-C products, including cables, hubs, adaptors and chargers, under an Indian brand. USB Type-C connectors are largely considered to be future-proof, come in smaller sizes than their predecessors, and can transfer data much faster, making them the top choice for discerning users. Srucchi also plans to expand the scope of her company’s offerings to include a wider selection of products that meet the needs of individual and business owners. “For me, being at the forefront of the technology revolution is something I take immense pride in. Electronics is a continually evolving domain and there is always scope to introduce an additional element of sophistication and ingenuity to improve efficiencies and enhance the quality of life,” Srucchi shares.

Women in the technology trade

There is no time like today to be an entrepreneur in India thanks to the insatiable appetite of home-grown users, and the several schemes and subsidies offered by the government and other financial institutions. And yet, Srucchi found that women entrepreneurs in India still face a number of challenges that can be routed to their traditional role in Indian society. “Indian women still lack the familial and financial support, and mechanisms that are necessary for them to channel and pursue their business instinct. Technology retail and manufacturing is an arena that a lot of women in India are still not comfortable with, and this situation gets even more complicated when they are not supported by other entrepreneurs in the field.” As a woman, Srucchi saw that she was continually undermined by her peers – a behaviour she attributes to the traditional perception of Indian women being largely ignorant about technology. She had to work doubly hard to make sure that all her information was on point and up-to-date so that she could confidently assert her views and be taken seriously.

“My advice to any women who are eager to step into electronics manufacturing and retail is to be open and adaptable to new technologies. The market is continually evolving and there are new ways for us to do what we do even better. Tapping this potential is one of the most important steps that you can take, as an entrepreneur,” she shares. Srucchi claims that the real secret to her brand’s success is in her determination, hard work and excellent organization skills. Of the latter, she shares, “It is important for entrepreneurs, especially women, to spend time on prioritizing their work, assigning duties to their staff, and set daily goals to get things done on time.”

However, she thinks that it is equally important for women entrepreneurs to have faith in themselves. “There will be times when society, and even your own family, does not extend the kind of support you want or need. At times like these, you have to remember that you have to be your own inspiration. You have to believe in yourself, focus on what you really want, and work tirelessly towards making your dreams come true,” she says. Today, Srucchi advises many budding entrepreneurs on ways to develop and grow their business. She believes that women have to play an active role in changing stereotypes and traditional gender-based prejudices to stake their rightful claim in the country’s future.