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Often we do have every talent in us but what stops us is the fear of failure, let's overcome it and build our lives.

Every failure is a stepping stone to success , a statement which we all have heard , but how may of us do believe in this, when we experience things in real they are quiet different than what we think , the reality outside is quiet different than our dreams one step towards our dream and thousand of questions appear in front of us, would i be able to door it? what if i fail? what will others think? and the biggest question ,what i am doing is right or not? so may question and the voice from inside and the desires fades out....

This age, our youth ,this energy ,this life, this day ,this time a rush of hormones, unlimited desires, we want so much out of life and when we start it is important to fail and rather than being important it is obvious we have to fail we have to fall, to learn, to explore , we have to take risk, so we can find ourselves

When we do start we do have energy but then we fail the hurt of failure , it does hurts the effort we had put in goes in pain and on top of that the world stands against us to tell how useless we are that we can't do anything in life but you know what this failure become the greatest gift in disguise you learn so much you become mature you when you rise from failure and learn from it the success is unimaginable the , the fire inside , it grows our existence makes difference , when we have the courage to fail only then can we win.

The only solution is you and only you, probably when you fail no one will be with you , no one will believe in you at that time you have to choose what you want, do you want your life to work according to others? or you want to create your own and yes i know you have huge problems but you need find reasons to achieve your goals and not excuses , you have to fight for yourself your life, you have to take a stand and this need a lot of courage , a fighting spirit to find your way and this courage you get only after failing , as we have heard a lot that the best lessons are learnt from failure lets bring it into practice.It takes courage to live your dreams.



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