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National mobilization of entrepreneurialism is economic victory

Today for nations with challenging economical growth or make-believe grassroots prosperity programs, national mobilization of entrepreneurialism is a last powerful remedy left

Entrepreneurs take very little but give in gigantic amounts to the universe. They will not create electricity just for their own private cottage, but for the world. What did Steve Job take in the end? How much does it really cost daily to take care of the livelihood of Gates, Buffet or Musk? How much yoga and Soya milk are they really consuming? Entrepreneurs seeking solid gold bath tubs are only fakes with short lived schemes. True entrepreneurs are continually seeking solutions to local, national or global problems. Their smartness is efficiency and speed; it’s true someday government would have invented the modern computer, but for sure couples of centuries down the roads.

Outside raw entrepreneurialism it’s very hard out there. Today for nations with challenging economical growth or make-believe grassroots prosperity programs, national mobilization of entrepreneurialism is a last powerful remedy left.

Furthermore, most national governments, by 2030 will be forced to replace the notion of ‘to govern’ to ‘to manage and execute’ as what new block-chained deployment economy will bring. The last century model of herding citizens like cattle will be replaced by smart tools of the mobilized citizenry capable of checking the integrity of disbursements of their collected taxes. In order to survive, most nations will be forced to eliminate 90% of their bureaucracies and deploy entrepreneurial thinking to prosper with 1000% speed and by creating 1000% real value returns but with 10% of costs. The shock waves of new thinking are unavoidable. The new global age is unstoppable.

Let’s go deeper…why national mobilization of entrepreneurs is a new frontier?

The Chained-Gang Standards: From the start of the 19th century, the novel concepts of time and motion studies, assembly lines and office procedures provided an ample masquerade to simulate chained-gang work styles. It worked for most of the century. But then we moved forward.

The Gold-Watch Standard: In-order the find the long sticks and carrots, creative motivational tools were deployed and the gold watch standard came about. This inherence became the most sought after status symbol and was only acquired after almost a half-century of pure diligence, sacrifice and punctuality.

The Shared-Office Standard: Today, short tenure is considered long term security, never mind a decade. Forget the office; there is no such thing. The office now is just a space. It is just an empty space where you bring your own used car tire to crouch into. At best it might be a shared space where two hammocks swing in opposite directions. This isn’t fiction; it’s reality. The carrot and stick is now replaced by beanbags and free internships.

The Block-Chained Standard: The work-chains are still at play; however, they take a completely different form. The “work” of today is a million times larger, more complex and challenging, but increasingly becoming invisible. It is being perfectly processed by a few cables sticking out here and there and sneaking behind the walls. All the noises and screaming you hear is not the old chain-gangs suffering and processing all that paper behind the walls but your own insecurities screaming to leave your able and smart body behind and fly away to some flea market or oriental e-commerce bazaar.

In this block chain gang reality you are not locked inside but locked out side, free to roam but chained to a new type of minus-economy, with no escape. The glass dome of uncertainty is the new prison.

The Liberated-Work Standard: Mankind spent a millennia inventing “work” even if unnecessary, at time creating complexity to sooth the mind by unnecessarily keeping it occupied from drifting into new visionary ideas, leading to new wild ventures.

Yesterday, mankind “went” to work…offices turned onto skyscrapers, and office-furniture the status standard. Future work will “come” to you; it will sniff and find you and play with you, but only if you fit the profile. If you don’t fit, it will simply abandon you.

There will be no commute, no office, no lunch breaks, no line ups, no elevators, no water coolers. Welcome to the world of smart work which is always flying around you and catching smart people for smart execution. It will however expect global age results

All Routine work is now designated for routine robotic automation. Most White collar smartness and book educated work will be left to block chain processing. Entrepreneurial smartness stands alone, it ALWAYS has for over millennia. Entrepreneurialism starts by breaking the chains in their independent journey of prosperity. Bold, unafraid, entrepreneurs watch this chaotic world that is now filled with massive new opportunities in the newly emerging chained economy for grab

Fact: In next 1000 days we arrive at 2020 where new worldwide processes of block chained-economy starts eliminating some one billion white collar office workers. In further 3650 days China becomes the world’s largest economy.

National Mobilization: Expothon Strategy developed over a decade by Mentorian Worldwide engages 100-1000 new global age thought leaders on ‘real value creation’ models and on global collaborative synthesizim and challenges the ‘value-manipulation’ models, where a $1 million dollar factory gets $100 million dollar stock market evaluations. It is mobilization ready to transform 30% of a Nation’s SME owners already in $3 million to $30 million range on positive trajectory for outbound global growth via massive deployment of entrepreneurial strategies giving them immediate tools and ideas and all that for almost free…but how?

This is a new global age revolutionary thinking and deployment of soft power assets, technocalamity and collaborative synthesizim within a nation and fair trading with global micro-power-nations.This is all about creating massive grassroots prosperity delivered via a revolution in a shoe-box.

This deployment ready program is getting global attention.

What is Expothon? Expothon is a sophisticated delivery system of transformational debates, entrepreneurial strategies and expert discussions with pragmatic solutions critical to expansion realities on creation of grassroots prosperity by mobilizing SME owners. Expothon selectively engages anywhere from 1000 to 1,000,000 owners of small medium businesses via a LIVE high quality non-stop of 24 Hours TV Simulcast during 365 days of Expothon Forums as marathons on image supremacy of innovative excellence and exportability. The total delivery of 8760 Hours of high value transformation deployment is global game changer. Plus each viewer is also coached weekly on one-on-one basis, plus invited to a high caliber intense combative tactical field training of global age business methodologies and deployment strategies. All these create the three dimensional pace of new global age mobilization.

Entrepreneurs and manufacturers are facing hardcore challenges on exportability and they will find answers to internal and new world outside. The aim is to create new thinking and new deployment methodologies.

Confusion Clarified: This deluxe program is categorically NOT to be confused with traditional university and academic educations, online courses or startup and incubator events. This program is resoundingly different and extremely novel and focuses on combative, tactical formats delivered exclusively in powerful and dramatically engaging styles to owners, founders and job-creators. .

Expothon is currently engaged in selecting countries for large scale deployment and also selecting speakers and experts for the local national programs, creating alliances with major trade associations, chambers of commerce and senior government leadership.

The Realities:

Technocalamity: When the tsunami of free flow technologies overtakes large establishments and gives new powers to emerging entrepreneurial forces to create major new innovative enterprises.

Soft Power Assets: When imagination and connecting dots with easy technology drives brand new business models that will be reaching out to billions to create new global age prosperity.

The Questions:

Is the Nation blessed with 1000 to 100,000 high potential owners ready to enter global age expansion?

Is there a National Agenda on Global Age National Entrepreneurialism & Exportability?

Is The Leadership ready for the advancements of hidden entrepreneurial talents of the nation?

Is The Leadership ready to identify top progressive agenda and communicate bold ideas with them?

How does this fit your goals and agenda on creating economical development and grassroots prosperity? Either as a national program, a political platform, a national associations’ agenda or a economical body’s prime responsibility? In either case we are open to frame a high value proposition and custom design pragmatic features in the turnkey deployments. Make the nation shine.

The Facts:

1. Unlimited global markets can absorb unlimited innovative ideas and goods and services

2. Founders with entrepreneurial talent and energy are anxious for global age expansion

3. Well-designed, innovative ideas and global age skills can quadruple enterprise performance.

4. Global-age execution styles among enterprises are the most seriously missing links in today’s world

Global-Age Transformation: To the owners of enterprises, we bring a new global age philosophy

and we achieve all this on a fast track transformation strategy and deployment methodology.

The following critical training aspects rapidly bring visions to reality:

Global Age Exportability:

What’s really stopping a high potential enterprise from expanding to 100-200 countries?

Global Age Thinking:

What will it take to re-organize and operate as multinational organization with little or no extra costs?

Global Age Modeling:

How to optimize and integrate soft power assets with currently available hard asset centricity.

Global Age Execution:

How to train to achieve what normally takes 365 slow days to do it in only 365 dramatic hours.

Global Age Presence:

How to achieve the Image Supremacy of innovative excellence to a big triumph.

Global Age Prosperity:

How to become a magnet of prosperity with new revenues, new funding, and new alliances

National Leadership: Why in some countries national leaderships responsible of economical development models is not moving fast enough because this process appears to shatter the old schools and creates tsunami of change washing over old institutions and establishments? But not so they seriously fail to understand the global collaborative synthesizim amongst micro-power-nations.

Fact: every night, when we fall asleep, three quarter of the world is wide awake; churning, consuming, producing and dancing in its glory. The new hyper accelerated world is spinning without waiting for any one person or one mighty nation. Smart folks understand this because the 2000 year old Julian calendar based thinking is now becoming obsolete.

The Julian calendar today is responsible for a billion people stuck daily in traffic jams across the world and keeps the tall suffocating towers occupied with high rents, all the bars packed on weekends and frustrating Mondays. Global age has no calendar, no day light saving, no 3 months of education breaks, no 9-5 models, just quality time, all the time, just connected and mobilizing progress with super-productivity and hyper-connectivity.

This of course is very advance level thinking and is still forbidden in most intuitions and bureaucracies. Brand new thinking is needed. A brand new time management deployment is critical and new global age speed of executions are absolute mandatory.

It’s not about less holidays and breaks, but rather it is about being in constant holiday style and ten times more productive. . It’s not about working 24 hours days, but rather about working less than four hours a day, while creating systems so the organization is awake and responsive with the rhythms and highly tuned with the global age.

FACT: The wisdom of mankind was not developed in overcrowded busy minds the likes of garbage dumpster but rather in the calm stillness where minds like empty vessels on windless seas were slowly filled with new wisdom and later sailed outbound to spread the new thinking.

FACT: All the massive struggles of mankind to create economical progress during the entire last century are overly fatigued. Physical and mental stamina, like snails are sliding on slimy trails.

FACT: True entrepreneurialism is like a chess game, where victory is ensured to skilled moves to topple pieces and not advanced study of gravity patterns or woodworking. Entrepreneurial setting is a special battlefield. The real battle soldiers are not trained by drawing pictures of rifles or reading books about WWI; they are about being trained round the clock in real trenches with real tactical deployments. The big and power hands for milking cows became useless on keyboards, like drafting of 100 page legal documents will be replaced by block-chain and simple surgery will be performed by robots. Today, white collar competency and class-room educated knowledge on the economical development front is almost a liability.

Entrepreneurial Competency Quotient: Today’s hyper accelerated new global age is not “highest intelligent quotient” driven; but rather “entrepreneurial competency quotient” charged and common sense prosperity development driven. This is where innovative thinking and global age execution styles ready to engage global access and trading. This erases the old class room knowledge models of sluggish bureaucracies based on fears, insecurities and shared dogmatic stupidity.

How to become a great one? Study Expothon Strategy and how massive deployment transforms and creates armies of happy entrepreneurs. Find out today, what your national leadership is lacking to connect the dots and deploy a large scale national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and engagein an open and bold debate? The new global age is a massive landscape of new opportunities for new players.

Naseem Javed, Chairman, Mentorian Worldwide, http://www.mentorian.com 


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