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Sharing my Newborn Photography with you

Why I love newborn photography

Friday October 28, 2016,

2 min Read

Hi, my name is Isabelle. I am the founder and master photographer at Isabelle Newborn Photography.

After finding that many photographers deliver their images to their client in an online-gallery, I decided to open-up shop and provide a full service, guiding my clients with their purchase, in the comfort of their own home. My clients are often busy people with busy schedules and they appreciate that I offer this level of service.

Photography is a passion, one that has never left me. After 10 years being an software consultant, and reading an inspiring story on Brisbane News magazine, I decided to take the leap. 2 years learning about everything photography followed, and I never wondered which type of photography I would specialize in.

I knew straight away that I would become a portrait photographer, working with newborns and expecting parents.

Newborn photography is a very delicate Art. It requires patience, and skills. The safety and comfort of the new baby, as well as of the mother, and the satisfaction of my clients are my top priorities.

My children are my Diamond. The memories of them when they were so little can never be replaced. It's so important to keep beautiful photos of these moments. Photos that will bring joy for a lifetime.

I love to capture these moments for my clients. It is such a privilege.

I love hearing their story.

I never get enough.

Each newborn session lasts for about 3 hours, and no one is the same !