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Top 15 tricks to help beginners in getting their makeup done

Try out these tricks today and create masterpieces on the go by saying hello to a glowing you

Makeup can tag along a magical feeling by transforming you into an absolute diva. But if you think that you need to be a seasoned artist for painting away your blemishes to perfection, then you are absolutely mistaken. In the modern era where YouTube and social media has become a potent part of our lifestyle, anyone and everyone can learn about the tips and tricks of makeup sitting at the comfort of their house.

All you need to do is purchase the right products and brace yourself to impart a stellar look by hiding away all imperfections beneath layers of articulately blended cosmetics.

Once you are done with the colour correction of your face, you can proceed with the rest of the makeup in a seamless fashion. Today, we are going to discuss 15 tricks which can have a pivotal role to play in makeup for beginners.

1) Your foundation and primer needs to have the same base whether it is water or oil as they might slide off your face by repelling each other otherwise. Accredited makeup artists also hint at the usage of primer around the eyes for reducing the appearance of crow’s feet dramatically.

2) You can make use of your fingers if you wish to proceed with sheer coverage. But for full coverage, it is imperative to use a foundation brush. Use downward strokes while applying foundation as doing it otherwise might cause your thin layer of facial hair to stand out.

3) We usually opt for a semi-circular pattern for applying concealer under our eyes and reduce the appearance of puffiness or bags. While framing out the makeup tips for older women, specialists often suggest application of the same in a conical pattern starting out from the under-eye portion to the area where your nose ends for contouring the sides of your nose and blending it easily. This can surely work wonders while scraping out years from your face.

4) Face powder can be either pressed or loose with both available in matte and dewy finishes. Loose powder is used for setting the makeup and enhancing its longevity. Although it is available in both translucent and colourless form, it is advisable to proceed with the former as that does not disrupt the tone of your concealer and foundation. Pressed powder on the other hand is perfect for touch-ups on the go. While matte powder aids in imparting a porcelain look, the dewy one gives a glowing finish to your skin.

5) The final result is determined to a great extent by the type of applicator you are using. This holds especially true in the case of powders. To get the best result, it is advisable to proceed with the fluffiest brush available in the market.

6) Makeup professionals often reverse the whole routine by applying blush first and following it up with foundation to emit a natural glow from within. You can make use of a tissue paper for blotting your blush by pressing it lightly over the same and finishing off the look using a beauty blender or makeup sponge which can tag along the perfect flush of colour on your cheeks.

7) Pulling off shimmery blush is tricky but not impossible. However, it is advisable to skip the same if you have pimples, large pores or other symptoms pertaining to troubled skin. While proceeding with makeup for beginners, we usually apply the bronzer on the hollow portion of our cheeks using a fluffy brush. But for getting best results it is advisable to draw two inverted triangles using bronzer on your cheeks and blending it out seamlessly.

8) You can also go the natural way by opting for a homemade bronzer crafted by mixing cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder and corn-starch.

9) You can make your eyebrows look more natural by filling them out using light feathery strokes. Using the highlighter above your brow arch and blending it evenly can cause your eyes to be lifted instantaneously thus bringing a dramatic impact on your entire face.

10) If you are not very happy with the pigmentation level of your eyeshadow, then you can use a white eyeliner pencil for filling in your eyelids and creating a white base.

11) Eyeshadow can replace your regular eyeliner on those days when you wish to channel out a softened look. You can apply the same on your upper lash line to tag along a breezy feel which is perfect for the scorching summer season. If you face any difficulty in drawing the eyeliner on the lash line with precision, then you can simply draw small dashes or dots and join them simultaneously.

12) Makeup artists advocate the usage of scotch tape for getting that perfectly winged eyeliner every single time. Alternatively, you can use a business card, spoon or anything else having a straight edge. For the perfect no makeup look, you can try tight lining the eyeliner by putting it beneath the lash line. But a waterproof variant becomes mandatory for nailing this look. An eyeshadow of the same shade as that of the eyeliner can be used for locking it in place.

13) Kajal is prone to getting smudged. You can however get an upper hand over the same by dabbing some eyeshadow over it. Alternatively, you can also opt for a water-proof eyeliner which needs to be drawn in line over the kajal for locking the latter in place and paving the way for a super neat look.

14) Makeup professionals suggest defining the cupid’s bow by drawing an X on top of that for easy application of the lipstick. You can also apply lipstick from the middle of your lips and slowly move outwards if you don’t wish to highlight your cupid’s bow. Outlining your lips can impart a fuller look. However, you need to be extra cautious while doing the same so that you don’t end up looking tacky. It is advisable to apply the lip liner along the outer margin of your lips for best results.

15) You can make the lipstick last longer by dabbing some translucent powder or colourless eyeshadow post application. Shimmery eyeshadow on the other hand can act as a highlighter thus giving an added dimension to your lips. Experts of makeup advise application of lip liner once you are done dabbing a generous amount of lipstick so that you know exactly how and where to line.

Makeup, if implemented properly can boost up your level of confidence and accentuate your key features which is bound to transform you into an out-and-out diva almost instantaneously. So, try out these tricks today and create masterpieces on the go by saying hello to a glowing you.


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