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4 tips to improving traffic to your website

Website, SEO and social media tips for growth in website traffic

You run a website, so of course you want the traffic to that website to grow daily. So, what if it doesn’t? When you notice a drop in rankings, there are some simple steps to boost your website’s SEO.

At SEO Brisbane we have tested these methods on many clients and sharing these proven methods with you in this blog. 

First step: Check your ranking!

If traffic to your website is decreasing, you should firstly check your rankings on google. The obvious reason why it has decreased is because something has happened to your ranking on Google. If you notice a sudden random drop in your ranking, you should take action to boost your website’s SEO.

Reasons other than rankings:

1. Social media

At SEO expert Brisbane we believe that - Love it or hate it, social media is a necessity in order to grow and develop your marketing and website. As social media becomes a way of life, search engines have no choice but to take notice. So basically, your site’s popularity on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are getting more important for your SEO. The reason behind this: If people talk about you online or offline you want to know about it! Social media is a bazaar where people can share ideas, reviews, thoughts, questions and general chatter about any topic they desire. And you obviously want what they are talking about to be your products yeah? So, joining conversations with customers and potential clients can be great for your brand and lead to growth. Depending on your target audience and the content on your site, is how you will aim your social media.

2. Analyse

You obviously want your customer base/audience to grow, so check the analytics of your website often. What links are people clicking? What product are they buying the most of? Can you stock more of that item? By fulfilling the customer’s needs and monitoring their interests is a great way to attract new business and repeat customers.

3. Video Marketing

I highly recommend video marketing because firstly there are very few businesses doing it and the overall reach of videos is increasing. Recently, I had a chance to talk to Ash, founder of video productions. Ash believes that videos will be a big thing in the marketing world in coming years. Facebook recently introduced video auto play feature in users' news feed and since then many bloggers, YouTubers, and businesses are focusing on video production for their brand and video marketing to reach out a wider audience. 

3. Send out a newsletter

Email is a useful way to increase your customer retention. Sending out emails will increase the amount of visitors that become recurring visitors. It is easy to set up a newsletter service through websites like MailChimp. Sending a nice email is a great way to stay in your customer’s mind, and inform them of what’s happening on your website.

4. Advertising

If you have the budget to do so, you should place ads on Facebook or Google to promote your website. Facebook has the option to boost your post, making sure it will get more exposure. Using Facebook, you can focus on a specific demographic, age group, location, interests etc making it a breeze to boost your ratings.

5. Stay active

Sometimes your website just doesn’t get the traffic and attention you want. If your ranking or SEO hasn’t changed, you just need to put in more effort. Follow the above tips and your website will be the hub of activity!


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