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Startup Mentor Story


Coming from a traditional Palakkad family, earning good degrees with good grades, working with MNCs was a way of life for me.

But every three years, I would develop the urge to switch and most of the time to newer and latest sectors.

Very different from the standard mentality of getting employed with settled verticals.

This went on for good 22 years with India's top brands like Philips, Reliance, Vodafone, Serco.

The start up buzz and the online frenzy had started by then.

And, following my trend, I jumped into the latest bandwagon of online start ups.

The first jump was a 100% employment engagement with Naaptol, followed by a semi entrepreneurial engagement of Careerfutura and simultaneously launched, the 100% entrepreneurial , startupmentor.co.in

This metamorphosis gave me my ultimate satisfaction of dabbling in 50 different start up projects at a time with the wealth of my experience of 22 years of best practices of huge brands and 9 years of the dynamic needs of startups.

My SWOT analysis gave me a clear indication of my adaptability with young ideas and my ability to create success out of it.

The ultimate long term vision, for me, is to create business out of possibilities and create successful entrepreneurs.


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