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Quirkiest signboards in Ladakh

Going for a trip to Ladakh? Well, we may notify you of something.There might be some unusual thing while on your way to Leh-Ladakh, as you may encounter some of the quirkiest, wittiest signboards as they give out messages in a fun wayHere are 10 of the quirkiest signboards you will encounter.

Photo Credits: Anupam Chakraborty

#1 "Laziness is nothing more of a habit of resting before you get tired"

The words might not have been truer than this. The writer sure knows how to get a funny cackle from riders.

 #2 "Darling I like you but not so fast"

What better way to explain the millennials than using 18+ innuendos in the form of "darlings" and "babes".

#3 "Love the Neighbours but not while driving"

The power of love is imbibed into our Millennial generation so much that it should be kept suppressed particularly in situations such as driving.

#4 "Bro drive don't fly"

Well, the words "Speed" and "Youth" seems to go together but son your love for riding won't last forever if you try to fly the vehicle instead of driving it.

#5 "Feel the curves do not test then"

There isn't any end to the witty signboard on your Leh Ladakh tour. This sign surely emphasizes not to do naughty things while driving as it can be fatal. There are a time and place for everything.

#6 "Be Mr.Late Than Late Mr"

This one is extremely witty and can also be used as punch-line by traffic police. The careful wordplay of the word "Late" is genius.

#7 "Fast won't Last"

If rhyming flows your way, This signboard is surely going gain your attention. Don't drive fast if you want to last.

#8 "After Whisky Driving Risky"

Simple and Rhythmical way of saying Don't drink and drive.

#9 "All will wait Better be Late"

Another nice signboard telling people to be patient while driving, it's better to be late than say losing your life driving fast.


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