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Colorful Beginnings


It was a long, long time ago... not far from this moment. 

The world was in utter chaos and despair. Yet in the rot of the fallen world tree, a new sapling is being born. In the midst of pain and suffering, there is a way to find peace and joy. 

Would you like to be more creative? I have a story. 

  Are the feelings creating the thoughts or the thoughts  the feelings?  

Feelings are often thought of a good or bad, angry or sad, happy or good. But in reality, they are as varied as colors with textures and sounds. The inner world is as vast as the outer world but rarely do people take the time to observe. 

Next time you feel upset, try thinking of yourself as a color. What color are you? How could that color influence the situation? Can you be still and change that color? Try finding that color in the magazines, advertisements around you. Tear them in tiny pieces and glue them down on the page. See yourself shift from the upset color to the calm color. 

See how what story you are making up about the situation changes as you focus on your inner world.