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Our Journey from scratch...

Now we are here....to stay 

It was a thing about an year ago, when I met this guy named Rahul in a start up meet , and it was happening to be at a coworking space , not to name any ! But, the idea was so fresh and unique , that it was a part of discussion. While , we all sip over a cup of coffee , the conversation turned into a discussion about , What actually is a coworking space!? Is it a place where start ups work ? Or is it in the design !? Or is it something different than what we know about office spaces!!

Well, this discussion didn't last long , until I received a call one day , saying "Lets just do this". And , like anybody would be , I was shocked. That the idea was actually to be implemented. Was when, we met again, just to discuss the start. It was 2nd June,2016 as I remember when we started with the design and layout of the space , every brick being placed was done under our supervision , while we were so engrossed making a space like that.

A place where we can give wings to our work , and grow. Anybody coming to work with us shall grow and expand , was something that was an added vision. And, this was from where we decoded our name as WorkWings

It was 15th November,2016 when our place was ready.This idea of coworking, was such a charm that we couldn't get enough of it. The journey so far, has been tremendous , in making of a place like never. We are not in competition with any of our co-working spaces, but it's fight with the boring office space.

We tend to spend half of our life sitting on one chair , which quirks every now and then, our office takes half of our lives in those boring cubicles , with nothing so amazing to look back . But, we create a space for comfort, fun, to look back and stay. One should like what they do, at a place where they wish to come over and over again. A place which is as comfortable as your home. We attach strings and connect with people. Its not in the infrastructure that we have created, but a community where feelings are attached , where work is fun, where you can stretch discussions over a cup of coffee not with one of your colleagues only, but a random person as well.

We are the newness to one's boring office life, we not just provide you with a space like your own , but with people who are like minded. We all come up together to work, help you expand and party.

We are a family.

I see this cowoking space emerging so much more now-a-days, as it makes me think! What if, someday all the office spaces were a coworking space , where companies come under one roof . To share, grow and learn. Well, I see people just walk in for a day to stay and they are filled with warmth and amaze.People have gained experience in years ,what I experience everyday , and trust me its beautiful to share a small conversation with a complete random person and be able to remember that forever. These little experiences, remind me everyday of what a space we have created.


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