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Unboxing Classroom 2.0

Next big thing in education is experiential learning

Consider 20 years as an average schooling span in India. Hence at least three generations have gone through incumbent educational model since independence . This is for those who have done it. Let us not consider illiterate or under-literates here. So for these three generations, the education, its method is more or less equivalent. There is no remarkable and determined change can be seen during these years.

There were number of attempts made to revamp education system but if we see results, those efforts were not noteworthy. I am not pointing out to education system as a whole, but the methodology. To be specific 'Classroom Teaching Method'. With quantum shift in technology, few changes have been introduced. In this space age, tech-age, many schools have adopted technologies in classrooms. It changed lot of things. From black and white images of books, we shifted to colorful animations. But it solves only half of the issue.

Process of learning involves two major domains. Theoretical and hands-on learning. Current classroom teaching is devoid of experiential education. Though there are few visits to laboratories during academic year, it is simply not enough. Every lecture needs to be designed on principle of 'Activity Based Education'. Not only for science but mathematics, history, geography, economics and other subjects as well. It is obvious that teaching aids are not available for this to happen. This problem can be solve with innovative methods of learning by doing we have designed number of kits, which can be used for classroom as well as laboratory teaching.

With improved educational technology, our teachers needs rejuvenation as well. Just passing exam wont make a good teacher. Their skills for classroom teaching must be evaluated. Once we zeroed on a set of good candidates, we then can train them for next level. Equipping them with hands-on knowledge of 'Activity Based Curriculum', would yield better results than we could ever imagine.

We are dreaming a day when sag of every kid may turn into personal mini-laboratory. Every classroom is equipped with Do-it-yourself kits. Our system has kept its pace for theoretical side of learning. Now it is time to push the other side as well. Thousands of students getting scores beyond 95% marks but negligible amount of these bright kids could lead to a prominent success in life. Reason being creativity distress. There is no balance of talent and creativity, brain-works an imagination. This will yield force of clerics for our nation. If we somehow inculcate 'Activity Based Education', there is astronomical possibility that our next generation will lead the world. Because we do not carry burden of 'Lack of Talent' but 'Lack of channelizing it'.