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How I went from being an employee to a business woman


Hlw, I'm Tripti Singh, I was working in a E-commerce company as an executive, Company's revenue was good enough, One day I started to think how this company came to this revenue from that day it was a puzzly question knocking my mind daily, How?? then I decided to join startups, and I joined CyberChef it was a food startup they server Home cooked food in Gurgaon and there I learn a lot of things i came to know that joining a startup can be financially challenges for you sometimes they aren't able pay as more as a establish company do but it many times better than joining a established company because in a establish company they pay you well but your learning is very limited you would learn only the things are related with your profile but if we work with startup then its quite different, In a startup you've to work as a multitasker like you would have to manage operations, you would have to do business development, you would have to manage customers and as its a small team of ninjas so sometimes you would have to do technical things, challenges are totally different, it build a new learning power inside you, you'll feel more confident and always learn some creativity and amazing things.

anyways I've worked for CyberChef for 17 months then I joins another startup called Classhop was working there as Business developer i used to go to the fitness studios for the Business development I Had to manage Ops. there and I was quite good in Photoshop so here in Classhop a new journey started I started to work on Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom etc. I did Graphic designing for them like UI, UX designing, Web Pages, Web Banners Creative Social Posts, Icons, Logos and lot of stuffs, I experienced that my creative skill were improving there I met amazing people there then one day I was working something on Adobe Photoshop and a Man would be around 32 Yrs. was sitting just behind me and I wasn't aware that he was staring at my work, 

Tripti Singh (CEO & Founder of eye of Turtle)" alt="Tripti Singh (CEO & Founder of eye of Turtle)" />

he saw the creative things I was doing for Classhop, when I finished my work he came to me and ask " I need your help, I saw you can work on Photoshop can you please change the bed sheet from this bed in this image?" I said yes why not it took only 5 minutes to edit that picture after that he asked me for more pictures to be done, I replied "I will do I've no problem " so after that whenever i got spare time I spent it for his work and he started to pay me, now I was working as a freelencer along with the Classhop I was very happy I always wanted to learn new things and utilise it to make money and here I got a New opportunity the Person I was freelance working for offered me a full time job offer and It was confusing me that to leave Classhop or not but finally I decided to leave Classhop and started to work with KraftDirect it was a New York based Startup they represents Indian Crafts to the Western Markets I started to work with him we were the team of two people Founder and me we ran that company very well I managed Core Operations, Logistics, Vendor Managements, and all the creative edition work, I got a Nikon D30 DSLR there for Product Photoshoot now I started Photography too I took help from Youtube read many photography blogs etc time was running and my skills were improving now after a year learning is like stopped i was doing daily routine tasks nothing new, I started felt the time to learn what people are doing around i started to looking for a new opportunity. In between I bought a Canon 1300D DSLR I have improved my photography skills i started capture wildlife, nature, babies and many things one day I was sitting in my balcony and a thought knocked my mind "I've a DSLR I know how to do Photography then what I'm waiting for Its time, Its time to utilise all the skills that I learnt in Startups like Web creation, Digital Marketing, Online Marketplace, E-commerce etc.to start a new venture ".

Tripti Singh (CEO & Founder of eye of Turtle)" alt="Tripti Singh (CEO & Founder of eye of Turtle)" />

And I started to create my Photography Website and name it "eye of Turtle" and the story behind this name is I have 2 Red ear sliders and their eye are look like lens and i got this name and told my husband he also love this name and this is how I Got "eye of Turtle" now we are doing business with all other online platform also and company revenue is also going well, so this was my story.

Thank You

Tripti Singh