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Which are the great trends influencing WordPress share in 2018?

In the year 2018, the users of WordPress are waiting for the latest techniques that assist them building WordPress solutions in a user-friendly manner.

WordPress has gained a huge niche of almost 80-85% share in the domain of website development. WordPress comes with some new features and trends every year that eases the web development process.

In the year 2018, the users of WordPress are waiting for the latest techniques that assist them building WordPress solutions in a user-friendly manner. Do you know that what a WP user expects from the new 2018 WP trends? What these 2018 trends actually are?

Here is a brief description available-

1. Enhancement in UX by micro-iterations-

It is expected that the WordPress websites will make use of the micro iterations to enhance the user experience of a website. The microelements can be an icon and animated check mark to drive high conversion.

2. Dual tone WordPress site design-

Dual tone design is one of the biggest trends that would get immense popularity this year. It will help web designers to make use of elegant and somber color schemes for an attractive design.

3. Use of image in WordPress sites-

WordPress might come with an abundant use of the image this year. The WordPress development company might focus on a contextual image that adds extra value to the website and gains precedence.

4. Parallex scrolling in the website-

Another WordPress 2018 trend is parallex scrolling. This scrolling gives a website the responsive look and feel, which makes the website more impressive for users.

5. Increase in typography involvement-

Today, users also focus on the appearance of the content, not only the content quality. Implementation of the typography features assists to achieve the uniform look and feel for the website with a creative web page.

6. Animated elements get replaced by complex one-

It might happen that animated elements get altered by more complex one to ease the development and designing procedure.

7. More power will roll out in video headers-

Different businesses have become familiar with the attributes of video headers. It assists in utilizing the video technology in the present year.

8. Improvement to user-interface of administrator-

Improvement in the admin UI is the best and latest WordPress trend that is going to win the heart of many WordPress users this year.

9. Virtual reality optimized themes-

The concept of virtual reality is linked with the gaming and application industry. Such new modern techniques enable WordPress developers to develop elegant websites.

10. Encryption and HTTPS adoption in limelight-

You might be aware of the fact that Google has introduced the strict guidelines for security of a website. To gain trust, WordPress would also feature the adoption of HTTPS and proper encryption.

11. SaaS consider as a protective model-

SaaS model helps to convert widgets into a protected code format. This trend is also expected to up in the industry as per the unique WP website requirements.

12. Mobile-first theme bring improved outcomes-

Accessing mobile-friendly websites has become a prime choice for many users. Mobile-first theme in WordPress websites can help to get better results.

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