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Habits of Highly Productive Sales People


“Either you run the day or the day runs you”- Jim Rohn. The daily life of a sales person couldn’t be described better. Juggling between deadlines, meetings and targets, a sales professional is always living on the edge. While multi-tasking all day, you need to be on the top of your game, motivated and self-driven. The DNA of a sales personnel is coded to push a bit harder each day to make that last call or log those extra hours to close those crucial deals. The lifestyle of a sales personnel could be tiresome and demanding. Here are a few tips that could help you automate your daily activities and ease your pressure: -

1) Sufficient sleep helps you function better through the day, lack of sleep means your day-time could be dull and that could result in your performance taking a dip. Adequate sleep is essential to help you stay focused throughout and it gives you the much-required energy that your day calls for.

2) To better organise yourself, it’s essential you have all your documents, presentations and pitch all stored in one place. This could bring a structure around your daily activities and helps you be on the go.

3) It takes a certain task to juggle between dozens of accounts, manage countless meetings and respond to dozens of follow-up meetings. It’s crucial to get all your applications under one umbrella, this could help you get organised and avoid confusions.

4) Imagine being able to blaze new sales trails with Artificially Intelligent tools that take your productivity to new levels. No, it isn’t science fiction, it’s AI for CRM and it’s named Acebot.

Acebot is a lead manager that helps you transform into a high performing sales engine! Leads, opportunities, data collection and reporting can all be done right in slack and messenger. Snap a picture of a business card and store it as a collected lead. With ace, you can prioritise your meetings and deals. Ace can save you from the treachery of exchanging emails and filling excel sheets, ace updates opportunities against a lead with a simple text message. A quick conversation with ace could help you add a dollar value or define the product type that you’re working on. Assigning leads has never been easier. With ace, manage your lead data, contact details, opportunities and win-probability all with a simple text message. Improvise your sales efforts by simply uploading your leads as a CSV file and ace will take it from there, helping you populate the list with incoming leads and update them in ace’s very own lead format. 

source: https://medium.com/@appsonchat/habits-of-highly-productive-sales-people-1d8e7f45c9d4


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