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Baking is passion in action



I was a simple village belle who was lucky to get married to a dashing officer of the Indian Army at very young age. My marriage changed my world. It catapulted me from the world of hardworking villagers of Haryana to the adventurous world of the olive greens. Initially, I was terrified and doubtful about my ability to fit in this new challenging world. But the officers of the Army unit of my husband and their wives went out of their way to make me feel welcome in the new environment and also tutored me about the ways of Army officers’ wife. The whole atmosphere in the unit felt like my extended family back in the village.

The officers and their families worked very hard during the day and night but also partied harder whenever they got any opportunity. It was almost a norm in the unit that the bachelor officers of the unit never had dinner in their mess and it was their right to invite themselves to the house of any married officer for dinner. They took special pleasure in dropping in the houses of married officers at odd hours and demanded to be fed at very short notice. Since I had lived my life in a traditional joint family I was very good at cooking vegetarian meals and numerous chapattis in a very short time. My cooking abilities were appreciated by everyone but my repertoire of desserts was restricted to cooking halwa in a lot of desi ghee and preparing kheer. So I was not able to serve much variety of the desserts. With encouragement from my husband and guidance from the older ladies of the army unit I started learning baking. Initially, I found the whole exercise very laborious but once I was able to bake a cake of good quality, I was hooked to this new culinary art. It became my hobby and passion.

I have been baking cakes and serving the same to my husband, his friends and their families and my two young sons for last twenty- five years. Both my sons forced me to continuously improve my baking skills. They are both foodies and like good food especially desserts. Now, my husband has retired from the army and enjoying his retired life. Both my sons have moved out of the house for their job and education. I am now missing baking and serving home baked goodies.

My love for baking led me to distribute free cakes to our neighbors. On the urging and request of neighbors, I have started “Choicest Cakes” a bakery at my home in Noida. I am pleased with the demand and great reviews by the customers. I have also offered to provide free Birthday Cakes to all the young daughters of the maids of our society. The smile on the faces of these girls is great compensation for my efforts.

My online business is also helping me to learn the tricks of social media. I am now on twitter @choicestcakes and Instagram choicestcakes. My kids are liking me even more in my new avatar of a businesswoman.