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My 12th board results


Finally the most awaited CBSE results were going to be declared and like everybody I was scared ,nervous. I knew I would get gud % but when I got to know my % I was shattered. I didn't know what to do. Everybody dreams of geeting into the prestigious DU and so did I but all at once my dreams were broken into pieces. I was so disappointed with my marks that I felt this is the end of my life . I never expected I would get such less marks and when you compare it with some of your classmates who you never thought would get such good marks you feel like a loser and when you see the toppers updating their status with their great % you feel worthless .All this was making me more sad and depressed . I wanted to cry as i dint know how to deal with this trauma of not able to get gud % . It was then I started reading about the great leaders who failed many times in order to overcome this sadness and realised that marks are not everything in life. Mark sheets is just a piece of paper and the marks on it is just a number. They don't decide your future and there is more to life than those marks and there are many more real test to come in life and I realised that this is not the end infact life has just begun and this was my first failure. I am yet to explore life and this has got me one more step closer towards my goal and it has made me more determinant .