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The first stock advisory for middle class retail investors.

From hobby to profession and then pursuit of a big dream!

What if a top level corporate person in middle aged family man, leaves his high paying cushy job one fine day to pursue his hobby which by then has become a burning passion? The world says lunatic, friends and relatives get worried and the whole family faces uncalled for crisis. This was the case of Megabaggers ( The popular name that the stock market knows him as) when he thought about being full time stock market investors after 12 years of prosperous career in top notch corporates across the country.

Then came the big dream of making all retail investors of India make money from so called legal casino called stock market. It is just not a dream for dreams sake, somewhere his astute investment mind could see a big business opportunity in the dream. He remains a firm believer of ‘business for greater good’ philosophy and that’s probably what propelled him to create the first stock advisory service, Ride2Rich.com , that don’t care about big pocket HNIs but the small retail investors of India.

With interest rates coming down steadily and high gross domestic saving in slow moving debt instruments, financially non savvy middle class Indians don’t realize that their investments are hardly beating the roaring inflation rates. Somewhere Megabaggers, knew that this is not permanent and there has to a shift of mindset, which looks true now with astounding growth rates of Demat account opening growth rates (22% CAGR) with different brokers. But, all these new people come to market with little or no knowledge just to make the rich even richer.

Megabaggers, pitched Ride2Rich just there, to bridge the gap of knowledge and hence ensuring returns from stock market for their clients. With his knowledge, background and skill he has formed formidable insights on opportunistic investing through which all retail investors can benefit. He, deliberately made Ride2Rich probably the lowest cost SEBI registered retail advisory in India, just to make sure that more and more people can join in irrespective of their investable capital.

In only 6 months of its existence Ride2Rich has become a force to reckon with in the stock market. ‘The power of inclusion’ as Megabaggers calls it in his way. He also made sure that people initially may be reluctant to join his service with a free, but that shouldn’t stop them from getting benefitted from Ride2Rich. So, Ride2Rich created their own ‘Free Portfolio’ online so that everyone can benefit even if they don’t want to subscribe to Ride2Rich paid plans. The returns of Ride2Rich free portfolio itself will put lots of big investment advisories charging a fortune under serious threat. Ride2Rich free portfolio itself returned more than 36% in just 6 months of its existence, the paid members obviously should have better yield.

With, 1500+ twitter followers, 2500+ Facebook followers, 300+ paid customers, 1.5lac blog hits in just 6 months Ride2Rich looks like a solid start and the future looks really bright.

To end with, we would like the quote Megabaggers “We want to be successful, because our success will mean success for all, happiness in every home. We are ready to do whatever it takes to make retail investors of India a force that will take up drivers key from the hands of the FIIs to drive our own market”

Wish him all the best in his endeavor. 


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