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LIBSYS from Library Automation System to eCommerce Platform Software - Journey Starts Now


Libsys is a Delhi based software company that develops and deploy Library management systems, Library automation system, RFID, Digital Resource Management System, E-Commerce Platform software for Online stores and business etc.

The company was founded in 1984 by Mr. Anil Jain, Post Graduated from IIT Kanpur. He started his career with TCS and after working for 10 years, started Libsys which has approximate 100+ employees with its head office in Gurgaon, Haryana and additional offices in Kolkata and Bangalore.

Libsys was founded in 1984, and its continuous growth for over 3 decades, has made LIBSYS the most trusted brand for libraries in India and DIY E-commerce Platform for Online Stores.

In 1984 The Company Incorporated takes up software development projects for general insurance and reinsurance businesses.

In 1995 British Council adopts Libsys Ltd. For its libraries in India and South Asia by securing overseas contracts.

In 2003, the very first LSmart RFID system deployed in Bank of Baroda, Mumbai, LSPremia multi-site installed at GAIL, introduced LSDigital, MARC21 add on to LIBSYS4.

In 2010, new ventures initiated in other verticals through LSTech.

In 2012 LSAcademia and LSNet launched.

In 2015, LSNetX the DIY E-commerce platform software for online stores introduced.

LIBSYS Offers LSEase, LSAcademia, LIBSYS7, LSDigital, LSNet, Library Services, LSD&A, LSmart Solutions, LSNetX etc.

Libsys7 is a Library Management Solution which is designed to enhance the complete Library experience through value added features and services.

LSEase is based on client-server architecture and strengths to manage library with basic needs. It requires minimal data entry and easy data backup even for the large databases.

LSAcademia is a total ERP Solution to manage Academic campus, comes in 2 variants LSAcademia School Edition & LSAcademia Standard Edition

LSDigital(DRMS) is a document digitization software which is used to ease management, multi-access, storage space reduction and preservation.

LSmart is a solution based on RFID and Em Technologies.

LSNet.in is an Online Bookstore with huge database based on eCommerce platform.

LSNetX.com is do it yourself E-commerce platform for all offline business who are looking to be online. Very Easy and self explanatory.


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