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After taking L&D to the next level, Awn Stark to launch an app for all your business needs

Associated with SAATA, Awn Stark is Mumbai based start-up which commenced operations in 2014

Awn Stark is a start-up in the learning and development industry. It’s based out of Mumbai and started operating in August 2014. We intend to provide complete customized training solutions to corporate clients in diversified fields like soft skills training, sales training, motivational training, conflict management, executive level training, stress management, packages inbound as well as outbound training etc. We particularly emphasize on psychometric tests and tools like TA, DISC, MBTI to get into the depth of problem, prepare the solution and increase the productivity of the client. All the modules are customized as per client's actual requirement which is calculated by training need analysis. The bar of the required skill-set in employees is increased by delivering training intended for that particular skill-set.

Anirudh & Arjit (co-founders) have worked for top organizations like O&M and L&T respectively and from their professional experience they understood the business requirement of training and mentoring. Later Ankita and Sankalp (Co-Founders) also joined to take Awn Stark forward.

The benefits our clients get by associating with us are:

Loyal Employees, Filtered process, talent management, employee engagement, conflict less environment, increased productivity etc.

"Since the beginning, we have been following the snowball strategy for marketing. We sparked a ball of fire, its rolling and getting bigger and bigger. Word of mouth has worked wonders for us. However since now we are diversifying ourselves we are drafting a marketing plan based on b2b e-commerce model" said Arijit Basu, CEO of Awn Stark.

Awn Stark is about to launch an application for all the business needs. "It's an application that every professional of every industry and department will need and can take benefit of. Within the next six months our application for b2b services will be launched and for the next three years we will keep on adding categories to it," said Sankalp and Ankita who are working on the project.

Like our name suggests, we hope to become a necessity for our clients’ holistic development and long term growth. 


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